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IT sector Routes (Non-AC)

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From Banashankari: (502 and MBS-24)*,321B,411E,411F,506

From Silk board: 500F*,411J,502 and MBS-24,321B,411E,411F,506

From Ulsoor/K.R.Puram Railway station: (304,306 & 319 series )**

From Kengeri satellite Town: 502

From Rajarajeshwarinagar: MBS-24,373G

From Electronic City: 600

From Hebbal: 601,506A

Non-disconnected Ring Road Routes

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There has been a lot of topics going on regarding the disconnected Ring Road routes of Bangalore and problem in changing buses. But it is not the ordinary bus users but generally Volvo bus users who face this problem.

Ring Road is not actually disconnected. Following routes imply it:

Bangalore Bus Routes

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There has been a lot of discussions going on about the many bus routes running in Bangalore which is one of the main point for not using a bus.

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