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Atal Sarige buses

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Last week  I waited at Kanakapura road for a bus to Banashankari. There came a AS1(Atal sarige 1) and I boarded it. This bus had some advantages:

1. The fare charged between Jaraganahalli and Banashankari, a distance of about 2 1/2 kms was just Rs.2/- in a situation where all other buses charge Rs.4/-

2.Despite the crowd(9:00AM) there was good place to stand in ths bus mainly because the seats were lesser and were towards window .

BMTC can actually run some more buses of this kind in peak hours-reason being in Peak hour people prefer travelling rather han getting a seat. This bus can provide comfortable travelling and also number of people who can be accommodated can also be more. Also for the standing travel the chare collected is also less so people wont mind standing ro rushing int it(Remember the Re.1 volvo ride!!). These buses can really transfer huge crowds and can be used in routes like 201 or 500 where there are lot of short distance travellers as well.. comment guidelines

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