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Foreigners in city..deport or not!

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The recent arrest of the pakistani's in the city has raised lot of concerns at least in the press and questions too. Its a known fact that the porous nepal borders are an easy route for any one and everyone to enter India. The insurgents have been in-famously known for using this route all this while..however illegal settlers that too this far down soutn in Blr is something of grave concern!

There are lot of loop holes:

  • How did they enter India without any valid documents?
  • How could they travel all the way down south without being stopped or questioned?
  • How did they get the AADHAAR card?

However the number of settlers being talked here is a very very small compared to the immigrants we get from Bangladesh/Nepal almost every day. Any of the city railway stations are a big hub for such foreigners entering illegally without papers.

They come here primarily on the pretext of work. The Nepali's mostly get to 'security' kind of work and the Bangladeshi's(around 40,000 estimated) start with labour on construction sites. Both claim to be from India when asked..Nepali's from Bihar and Bangladeshi's from WB.

They eventulally get their Aadhaar cards and ration cards too because we are a country filled with corrupt self centrered individuals without any integrity. Now, the state govt is also seeing a votebank in them already and planning to regularize them instead of deporting them!!

The big risk in keeping them back here are:

  • Many of them could be involved with orgs which are against Indian intersts and part of sleeper cells 
  • Scarce resources get even further stretched with their illegal addition to the system

Hence there is an urgent need to identify these immigrants and deport them asap. City railway stations are the first place where such people can be easily apprehended as they come in and deport them as early as possible!

The govt has to immediately stop all moves to regularize them as Indian citizens asap!



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crime this time..

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This time it was bangladeshi's arrested in the city with all valid ID cards..aadhaar/pan etc..

more here

The real estate biz is cooling down..which will raise the unemployment rates in the city..and this is the sector that these illegal immigrants are mostly involved with..and they people have no allegiance to the country or the its easy to commit crime and get away with it..

HIgh time we have a city wide as well as the country wide crackdown on these illegal immigrants.. comment guidelines

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