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Now UG tunnels for city?!

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Objections to steel flyovers and cutting of trees has apparently led the governament to look taking vehicular traffic underground!

The whole big problem as already stated in Praja before, is that the governament is trying to retrofit 'solutions'  to fix traffic issues rather than trying to first chalk down what the real issues are. Once problems are stated and whetted out, the best fit solutions for it becomes obvious!!

  • what and who are we trying to move?
  • what is the demographics of the location
  • what is the growth plans in the area?
  • What are the available resources including money?
  • What is the environmental impact ?
  • How sustainable the solution needs to be and can be?

World is moving to more sustainable modes of transport options. Cities are also disincentivising or discourage motor transport in a big scale. Cities like Singapore have been doing it since many years now, where the ownership of private motor vehicles is very prohibhitive. Other cities are realizing the truth fast and making appropriate changes, London has taken steps like congestion charging, heavy parking costs, ban of diesel cars(more here) etc . Paris is taking similar if not more drastic steps too.

Car centric USA, which we like to ape, has also realized that building exclusive corridors through the city (extnesively done in the 60's ) does not help at all and have been tearing down such long bridges. The number of trips being made with cars is also on the decline there.

It is high time our city takes the cue and plans well for a sustainable future. As stated by one of cities noted traffic evangelists, Sathya Sankaran, we need to build sustainable infrastructure which can deliver as planned over a definite period of time. Resources come very expensive, especially in India and experiments do not help at all. Unfortunately, the whole city is full of such 'experiments' . Examples like the bridge at Jayadeva, magic bridges on airport road which are now slated to be removed..'hanging bridge' at KR puram, BETL, Hebbal Bridge, Banaswadi flyover, Richmond road flyover and many others  have designs which are sub-optimal and have turned a bane in many instances.

Exclusive corridors, be it flyovers or tunnels, will only shift traffic and not actually solve any problem. Instead of jumping into building tunnels, the govt need to see how their new venture of local public 'approved' elevated corridor in Koramangala does deliver on what it promises and compare it with the numbers from phase 1 metro usage and decide which option is better for the city!




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..airport road needs intervention..

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Unfortunate that we have the city airport so far from the city..but even more unfortunate that the route to the airport from the city centre passes through some of the most congested ill-planned roads sections..

And it does need intervention but more like a surgical one rather than a foolhardy one like steel bridges or tunnels. 

The 'magic boxes', yes all of them on the stretch btw BDA and hebbal flyover, need to go and in its place we need well planned short bridges and underpasses.

Uniform lane widths all the way through needs to be maintained, hope the authorities have realized by now atleast that the 'build road anywhere/everywhere' design wont help!

The list goes if the govt could appoint a competent team to come up with optimized design with sustainable sollution..

This way they will do a big help to the public in general instead of putting forth some crazy ideas!

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Road Problems are endless!

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Sreenidhi, road problems are endless. Airport metro / HSRL so many confusions.

# Trk Code Station Name X/O Note Arrives Avg Departs Avg Halt PF Day# Km Speed Elev Zone Address
#1 /==/ SBC KSR Bengaluru City Junction (Bangalore)»       - 20:00 +2   8 1 0.0 61 906m SWR Bengaluru-560023, Karnataka
      21 intermediate stations     02:38       159.6        
#1.1 /==/ MWM Malleswaram     20:03 - 20:03 -     1 2.8  61 920m SWR Bengaluru, Karnataka
#1.2 /==/ YPR Yesvantpur Junction     20:05 - 20:05 -     1 5.4  61 919m SWR Bengaluru 560022, Karnataka
#1.3 /==/ YPRA Yesvantpur Chord Cabin     20:08 - 20:08 -     1 8.2  61 910m SWR Bengaluru, Karnataka
#1.4 /==/ LOGH Lotte Golla Halli     20:10 - 20:10 -     1 10.0  61 908m SWR Bengaluru-94, Karnataka
#1.5 /==/ KDGH Kodigehalli     20:13 - 20:13 -     1 12.6  61 912m SWR Bengaluru, Karnataka
#1.6 %==% YNK Yelahanka Junction X   20:18 - 20:18 -     1 18.2  61 912m SWR Bengaluru-560064, Karnataka
#1.7 %==% RNN Rajanukunte     20:27 - 20:27 -     1 27.0  61 916m SWR Doddaballapur Rd, Karnataka
#1.8 %==% DBU Dodballapur     20:39 - 20:39 -     1 38.9  61 897m SWR Bengaluru Rural District-561203, Karnataka


Above is the timetable of Rajdhani Express. First stop itself is Hindupur, but look at the timings. 40 minutes to Doddaballapur. Instead of Doddaballapur, if it takes Chikkaballapur Route, 40 minutes for Devanahalli. 

Similar train in an already existing IR tracks with trumpet interchage station is what the ideal solution. Let it stop at Yeswhantpur, taking 5 mins for it, it should be done in 45 mins.

As part of commuter rail project, if Gok funds IR for  two to four trains like Rajadhani with 1 hour frequency, it can do a lot.

Right now a non A/C DEMU is running till Devanahalli once in morning and it will be of no interest to air travellers just like Suvarna buses launched to Airport.

Initially they can try with 1 train. If it becomes successful, they can increase it to two and then one more route from Hosur to Devanahalli they can start. comment guidelines

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