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A different kind of Sakrama

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Urban Development

There are building violations galore in our city..the prominent among them is the building multiple units, more than the stipulation. For example a 1200 sqft plot having more than 4 floors is way too common..

So how do we stop this? Yeddi govt..was it? came up with the sakrama plan..where all house owners needed to do was to pay a one time fine..this has led to rampant violations much more than before..and it is still continuing!

So how to bring a stop to this akrama?

Capt. Naveen on Praja came up with a very good suggestion where all the akrama doers are fined continuously for their mistakes in the form of additional taxes on their properties.. For example, the house tax will be in multiples as the floor height grows..this will be the best way to avoid this greed from driving people to making big mistakes..

This regulation needs to be put to force at the earliest..what do you think is the best way to do it?



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violations should be punished not condoned

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The permissible number of floors depends on the width of the road at which the property is located. The site dimension is not the criteria. How ever the height has restriction on the slenderness ratio. Smaller the site the smaller will be the safe height to build.

The solutions like Yeddis or even Captain Naveen are not tenable. Building bye laws violation cannot be condoned. The only punishment possible is demolishing. 

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An example of Slenderness ratio

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This building on a 20x30 plot has ground plus three floors. It is a conmmerial building. Single office space on each floor. The road width is 40ft. as a guess.

Picture 1 -   A 4 story commertial building on 20x30 corner plot. side roads are:-

20ft on one side and 40 ft. on the other!!!  Which one to dominate?

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detailed bylaws available..

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Understand FAR is based on the road in front but also the size of the plot..

But there are also other BDA laws about the offset that needs to be in place for every size of plots..for example there is a mandatory 3 feet which needs to be left uncovered in case of 30X40 site all through on the left of the plot..that takes off 120 sqft from the 'buildable' area..there is a 5 ft madated on the right and also 5 ft in the front..and really building a house on this will leave us with no option to go more than 2 floors based on the FAR..

Why do we have these laws..? Its not difficult to understand..its for better living..ventilation, privacy, safety etc

The picture above is a very good example of all violations that can be thought of..but still there is no one questioning..and people are confident that these violation can be eventually regularized..

Even awareness of these laws is very low..and the 'approved' plan is never implemented!!

Unless we start fining!


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Are the laws there only for illegal gratification?

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@ Srinidhi

It looks like that the laws are there only to faclitate making money by the BDA officials. 

  • Plan has to be sanctioned by BDA
  • BDA engineers have to certify after completion.
  • How are the violations allowed unless bribed?
  • What bye laws could be there for 20x30 sites?
  • What about parking space for cars?
  • Etc

With Outright violations building are liable / should be demolished.

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who is at fault?

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actually whos more at fault?

The public which thinks any violation is ok..or the one who takes the bribe?

Incidentally the controls are supposed to be at every level..even during construction BDA is supposed to be checking for violations to prevernt before concrete is laid..unfortunately all this has stopped..

One conclusion is BDA has become defunct and will need to be shut down!

But the question remains as to what to do with the current violations? Additional taxes of a higher order is the only way..

Ofcourse violations of higher magnitude should stipulate that govt cease the property and not give OC..

Btw one glaring example of violation which was regularized recently is the Gopalan mall infront of RMZ at Benniganahalli flyover..govt had stopped construction for many moths..but it was restarted and the mall has opened now!

Recently govt itself is doing all the violations with TTMC's

Either BDA needs a very very strong hand or it needs to be shut down!

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BBMP to be superseded. BDA to be shut down!

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Now Indian Olympic Association is derecognized.  Are we heading towards anarchy? I wonder!

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Bye laws enforcement

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Ananthram sir,

It is practically impossible to demolish every building with bye-laws violations since there are far too many. The only practical option is to charge a penalty & levy higher taxes for such buildings & keep increasing property taxes, say once every few years.

This process will at least ensure that new constructions do not violate bye laws & also, when refurbishments are done on such buildings, they are more likely to stick to & remain within the bye-laws, else they would have to fork out penalties & keep paying higher taxes. comment guidelines

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