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Nelamangala Tollway NH4 - latest pics

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Here are the latest images of the elevated road from jalahalli cross. All the piers are done and spans have been erected from hesarghatta end upto wipro near peenya.


Ther was a metro rail signboardd. I wonder how they will fit the metro as the space is already occupies by the elevated highway

Tree despatched

App 3Km of span erection has been done for the 4.3km long flyover.


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Is this the metro line?

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The span widths looks like its from the BMRCL..not sure anyways.. !

Probably that explains the BMRCL board there!

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No, just the board for Metro depot @ Peenya

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True, some pictures look so much like the Metro spans coming up on reach 1. Srinidhi, these are pics of work-in-progress Nellamangala elevated tollway only. There is just one shot taken at the proposed location of the Peenya depot of Metro.

BTW - what is a Metro "depot"? A terminus station, or just the "yard" to store the rakes?

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Metro maintenance yard in Jalahalli

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The metro will run parallel to the Nelamangala tollway.

There is a separate yard for storing and maintenance of the rakes. It is being built in the airforce grounds in Jalahalli. They have also completed construction of living quarters for the metro staff there. Construction is going on at a rapid pace but it is pointless as the metro viaducts which will connect it to yeshwantpur are yet to be built.

The metro maintenance yard location is shown below in red along with the metro line in blue. Not sure how the yard will be connected to the metro line.

Javascript is required to view this map.

These pics of the metro construction should actually be posted in the Metro thread but I will post them here anyway.






Sorry, rich text for uploading pictures is not working. Hence the links.


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Tumkur Rd Tollway

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Sreejis12 - thanks for the images.

The metro will run parallel to the Nelamangala tollway

- for appx 4.5km between ORR /Jalahalli cross (where elevated tollway begins), & Hessarghatta cross (where both, the tollway & Metro end).

After Hessarghatta cross, the 6-lane surface road (NH4) upto Nelamangala will be cordoned off with fencing on both sides. Underpasses are planned at pedestrian crossings - not sure if they will be positioned at fairly frequent intervals, as needed. Some six flyovers are also planned at various intersections for through highway traffic along the stretch.


Not sure how the yard will be connected to the metro line

- track/s leading off Tumkur rd on the north will be built for 'taking home' trains during night to the repair /maintenance depot. BMRC is yet to acquire land for Metro construction between Yeswantapur & Hessarghatta cross, though they have identified properties for acquisition. Only depot works seem to be in progress now. comment guidelines

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