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2011 census - Karnataka population data

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Vinay mailed these over, provisional data on Karnataka from 2011 Census. Thought it would be worth sharing at this data hungry portal.

Somethings that caught my eye

  • Population density of Bangalore district, 2001: 2985, NOW? 4378

Any correlation here?

  • Any district where population density did not increase? Yes, Chikmagalur the only one, 158 then, 158 now! Kodagu, almost, 134 then, 135 now!
  • Districts that turned the sex ration around? 2! Kodagu from 996 females/1000 males in 2001 to 1019 now! And Chikamagalur, from 984 then, to 1005 now.

Literacy and child population, any correlation?

  • Lowest Literacy rate? Yadgir, Raichur
  • Highest percentage of population in age group 0-6? Yadgir (1st), Raichur (3rd). Koppal spoils this correlation (2nd)

Numbers are always fascinating, aren't they.

Provisional Population Totals 2011 Karnataka Report

Provisional Population Totals 2011 Karnataka_Tables.xls163.5 KB


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Source of this info

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What's the online source of this information?

Deepak Rajanna

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here is the source deepak

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Provisional totals for Karnataka are up on Census website.

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