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Where are those GIM projects?

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After all the tamasha, a global meet attended mostly by Indians, and those concerns looming around equitable use of natural resources and land acquisition, it is all the more important for state government to share as much follow up information on GIM announcements as possible. But the GIM website as gone cold (no updates after June 4!) and as always, we are at the mercy of our journalist friends to know more.

Business Standard covered GIM last week, twice. First time on June 21, Karnataka clears 69 new investment proposals. Exceprts:

SHLCC .... cleared 69 new industrial investment proposals worth Rs 87,494 crore. This was the first meeting of SHLCC after the recently concluded global investors’ meet (GIM).

Wonder where to find minutes of SHLCC meetings

The high level committee meeting cleared 22 power projects with a total capacity of 5,000 Mw, which include conventional as well as non-conventional energy projects. There were two thermal power projects, 14 gas-based and 6 non-conventional energy projects. Lanco Infra, Bhoruka Power and Kaminini Group are some of the investors in this sector.

So, Lanco, Bhoruka etc are already on board? What would be the power tariffcs for state? PPP, or projects invited via bidding? What locations? Where does gas come from (14 gas-based plants)?

Lots of things around Bangalore airport by the way. Notice these.

From the motherhood talk of a 1600 acre space city ...

Abu Dhabi-based Ma’rib Group ... plans to establish a theme park near Chickaballapur with an investment of Rs 18,400 crore. The group ... proposes to set up a “Space City,” ... master plan for the project ... will occupy 1,600 acres.

... to, some regular sounding proposals like ...

... a proposal by Rajesh Exports for a gems and jewellery park near Devanahalli (Rs 460 crore) ... a proposal by the Manipal Group to establish a multidisciplinary education campus near Doddaballapur (Rs 650 crore) ... a proposal by the Sagar Group to establish a tertiary education centre in Chickballapur (Rs 96 crore).

Need some tracking, these GIM projects. Newspapers need to have their radars active, there might be a lot of real estate and resources related controversies waiting to be highlighted.

There was some more coverage in B-S on June 26 when Baligar spoke at BCIC: bringing GIM promises to life


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see Udyog Mitra site

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previous minutes of SLSWCC from 1998 -2006 

latest not on site 

last being 18-19th SLSWCC on the Homepage

is supposed to have a list of projects but does not seem to generate the data

a summary is given


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Thanks for the tip

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Thank you sir. Yep, there is more information there.

Here is what the minutes of last meeting say:

SLSWCC held on: 22-Jun-2010
Total Projects : 1
Total Investment (INR in Crores): 10
Total Employment : 50

That definitely sounds lot less than the news reports suggest. Don't think this SLSWCC is the one clearing GIM projects.

Anything new on the IDD site? No that I can find.

I suspect the govt is deliberating not releasing a lot of info on GIM projects and clearances.

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Some more information at this

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Some more information at this link -

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update on GIM

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Check this.

Here the investment by Bramhani Steels, the company promoted by Minister for Tourism and Infrastructure, G Janardhan Reddy, is shown as a modest Rs 36 cr, compared to Rs 36,000 cr reported by The Hindu earlier (check this).

Well, somebody obviously goofed up on the zero's. So, well, Mr Reddy is after all not in competition with the Mittals, TATA's or POSCO, atleast as yet. And, now with the entire thing attracting a lot of attention, the catching up is going to take a lot longer.

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