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RTI activist murdered - Pune

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Story from Pune area. RTI activist murdered, allegedly for exposing unauthorized construction of a bunglow in Talegaon.

The Hindu bit doesn't mention details of what was being exposed here. Does anyone remember a similar news item reported from Bangalore last year (was it around hooch/liquor shops, not sure)?

How do we read news items like this? Part and parcel of RTI activism in certain areas? Or is there a need to maintain anonymity of RTI applicants? Or, does this highlight the need for powerful Lokayukta office, which should front such activism and protect activists?

Don't know. But the news story is worth sharing.


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The main suspects have not been touched yet

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 The Hindu report is interesting. There are 5 teams probing the murder. Dabhade was known to have previous animosity with the diseased RTI activist Satish Shetty, who had exposed some irregularities in Dabhade’s Bungalow. The other 4 teams are probably busy inquiring different theories including that provided by the younger brother Sandeep Shetty.

RTI is undoubtedly an important act, but it is only the first step. It can serve the purpose only to the extent the government succeeds in ensuring the correctness of the information made available to the general public. I for one thought that the important information to be made public on the web to the extent possible includes, identity all citizens of the country, including their Legal heirs, and comprehensive Land records. Income tax returns of each individual should also be available. 

My earlier thread refers.



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RTI vs Complaint

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Information request is different from complaint. Info request need not not be made anonymously. But I have a complaint against my neighbour, I may like to do it anonymously for various reasons.

Today, since there are n't many well managed complaint systems, RTI facility is being used towards the purpose. Just a guess. comment guidelines

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