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BG Road Hosur Road shortcut and BBMP's road work

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A good shortcut from Banerghatta road to Hosur road might be possible sometime soon. I dont really know the location of all the villages and layouts mentioned, but looks like BBMP is upgrading and asphalting a lot of roads in the Bommanahalli/Begur, Arekere area. Sample some:

- Improvements and Asphalting to road from Begur road to Hosur main road via Hongasandra Garvebavipalya (1st Main Road) - 30 lakhs.

- Improvements and Asphalting the Devarachikkanahalli main road (Begur road connecting Vijayabank layout) - 30 lakhs.

- Asphalting of Bilekahalli main road from BG Road to Devarachikkanahalli cross - 30 lakhs.

- Asphalting of road from Laxmi Layout to B.G. main road via Mico Layout - 25 lakhs.

Read on for more - a new BBMP tender for Road Works in Bommanahalli Area - and tell us if you can identify and place all the villages and roads mentioned in there.

Looks like the area of focus is the stretch between BG Road and Hosur Road, as well as Hosur Road and Sarjapur Road (Asphalting to interior roads of Agara village - 30 lakhs), and Konankunte subdivision (Sarakkikere, Puttenehalli).

Lets see ow fast BBMP finishes all this and how good these roads would be upon completion.


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mostly streets

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from the list and the price hey are talking about looks like they are mostly doing streets. they have not mentioned lengths, begur road is a few kilometers long. i some times wonder why they break these into small packages. why not one huge package of connected areas, perhaps they can do better quality control that way. the number of actual labour force will not be effected eitherway. good job SB. really the way to go. tracking these under the radar stuff. ofcourse we have no way of knowing what happens to these and how they go about them unless some in the press comes out, nevertheless to know what they actually put through the mills is useful. did you see that interesting tender calling for experts for a two year period. "EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR EMPANELMENT OF CONSULTANTS/FIRMS" ... applications for the empanelment of consultants / Firms for Two years under the following panels for preparation of feasibility report, Master Plan, Detailed Project Reports etc. Panel I: Infrastructure for traffic management - roads (upgrading, widening and upgrading), flyovers, grade separators, pedestrian subways and skywalks, parking, public transport infrastructure like bus bays, bus shelters etc. Panel II: Storm Water Drains including storm water quality control, rainwater harvesting and other measures for water conservation. Panel III: Solid Waste Management - Collection, transportation and scientific disposal including resource recovery from waste like recycling, composting, Waste to energy etc. Panel IV: Environment Management - parks, lakes, incinerator and Abattoir. Panel V: Urban Renewal - De-congestion and development of CBD Panel VI: Basic Services to Urban Poor. Panel VII: Buildings - Engineering and Architectural Designs comment guidelines

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