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Stackable cars for central district?

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How about something like this for congested central areas of cities like Bangalore? This kind of fits in with Vikash's idea, its just another EV in his last mile transportation solution. Imagine getting down at a Bus/Metro hub in or near CBD. And then renting a car like this to go around. You can get to any congested corner, no matter how narrow the roads are. And these wont require parking lots for storage, stacking lots would be more like it.

[Source: Technology Review]


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soft options.

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SB, as i started responding what i wrote grew. but seeing the image you posted of those small size polymer cast pods, sort of pulled me out of a disturbing last week that i was going through. last week i saw some gruesome, extremely disturbing images of a collision in malleshwaram between bmtc bus and somebody on a scooty. the person was wearing helmet and all. helmet was fine, but nothing else of what it was supposed to protect. reading about accidents is different, seeing them, even in pictures, is different. i am totally disturbed. i know momentum is usually the culprit, and i dont know how much speed was involved in that accident, but this happened in the bylanes of malleshwaram. didnt look like too much speed was involved. the scooty was not mangled. the person was. something else happened. accidents cannot be eliminated. period. so when we think of safety, it is always about the protection of those inside the vehicles and not outside it. in the west, where they have uniform near vehicle types that thinking is natural.(but even in US there are > 40k deaths/year and > 2.5 million injuries/year due to accidents.) in india where there are a lot of two wheelers and walkers, accidents are prolly of a different type wct to the west and the safety of collisions of those outside the vehicles cannot be neglected. irrespective of who hits whom. designed for the safety of passengers inside them buses, cars, autos are a lot of metal hurtling around and lot of speed. need to slow down and need to make these less dangerous.especially buses that too those moving about in the cities. i have no clue why a bus needs so much metal, especially around the impact heights. just making the lower body crumple when impacted externally would be so much safer. need things like those pods that you posted about that dont seem so dangerous. comment guidelines

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