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Bad roads and spice it up with politics!!

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For the past 3 years the road from HMT Stadium to Tumkur road is very bad . Ever since the metro works started this road has gone to the worst condition possible. The waste water from the metro related construction company which is let off onto the road has caused all the major damage and the authorities are doing nothing even after 2 yrs. They just keep piling up mud on to the road so that no one complains, it is now around 2-3 feet higher than the actual road. Few vehicles have had their steering rods broken, few of them have paid ltos towards maintainance

Last month Local MLA of that area ( i think it is Mr. Muniraju) conducted a big function - Puja for road developemnt along this stretch and next day they started the temp road works and then after a week all works have stopped and now it is 2 weeks since. I have heard that Mr. Ashok of BJP has ahd a hand in this stopping of the works.

Also one more point to be noted is the bad stretch in front of ex BJP minister's house, he jsut seems not be bothered.Request few of  you to drive on this road!


I am sure all will vote it as the worst road in the city!!! comment guidelines

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