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Bad Roads

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Dear Prajites,

Request you to look into few of the issues of the roads that needs to be foreseen and implemented to avoid bottlenecks and jams.
Few examples of roads -

1.The road from HMT movie hall near Jalahalli village to Tumkur road intersection  thru' HMT factory is the worst road in Bangalore - for past 3 years no repair has been done day by day it is getting worse.

2. Bottleneck 1 -Once Nagavara Signal flyover and Jalahalli village fly over is ready on the outer ring road all the traffic will move fast as it will be signal less then the whole traffic will choked at Gorguntepalya thereby making it a big bottleneck. Kindly escalate this to the authorities to work on this by making an underpass or so. Something of the sort of Nayandahalli ( outer ring road - Mysore road intersection) type will work I feel

3. Bottleneck 2 - Ramamurthynagar signal above the underpass to TC Palya main road ( Koshy hospital road) - requires a separate flyover over the railway line.

4. Kalyan Nagar junction on the outer ring road has been closed due the Hennur  cross flyover and underpass. but it is a nightmare for the pedestrians to cross the road. These kind of issues are not seen, understood and looked at by the authorities while planning etc and there by causing hazards to life of the citizens.

5. Delay in finishing of the works of flyover etc. for eg- flyover next to the big bazaar on the outer ring road at  after Hebbal, this work could have been complete over a year back but is still incomplete.

Like this there are many and all this helps these contractors claim money in the form cost escalation due to rise in prices and the authorities can also claim their share / cut from this as well.

For all this constituting a committee and giving them some powers - people constituing  from the general public, some subject matter experts, imminent personalities, political leaders, bureaucrat etc will do wonders. comment guidelines

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