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BDA 2009-2010 budget

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 I happened to notice the BDA budget for 2009-2010 on their website.  Click here to see it.

There is an amazing variety of projects and projected expenditures.  Since projects need money to be budgeted, the process of preparing this budget has to be the first step that requires solid feedback from the public.  What projects are taken up, which is priortized, which is dropped, what is the vision etc.?

A first cut analysis is as follows. There is a lot of money allocated for various little heads (classic areas of wasteage and pilferage).  Let us focus on the big ticket items here.

  • Peripheral ring road: 70 crores
  • 75 crores allocated in 2008-2009. Used - 1.50 lakhs (for what?)

Below is a list of proposed new projects.  Some things that caught my attention (highly biased to my specific location and preferences).

  • Large sums of money for the signalfree ring road type projects. Underpasses and flyover galore.
  • A loop to connect OMR to ORR and widening of ORR - 1.5 crores?
  • Formation of road from airport road to Kundanahalli - 800 lakhs?  What is this road?
  • ROB at Marathalli - 25 lakhs?  I thought that this project is completed.  What is this - maintanence expenses?
  • Six crores are allocated to couple of SC/ST projects.  A nice way to spend money with no benefits to the supposed beneficiaries?
  • 500 lakhs for constructing a swimming pool at Yelahanka?
  • 1.5 crores for a National Military Memorial - where is this one coming up?

In short, lot of questions. Plans are definitely to let loose a river of money, but how these estimates are arrived at and what some of these projects are is not clear.

One more interesting point - the budget lists some property tax revenue? I thought BBMP collects property tax.  We really should have BDA as part of BBMP.  This multi agency stuff does not make any sense.

Here are some projects as listed in the sheet, all figures in Rs lakhs.

New works - Bangalore Infrastructure

  • Constn. Of Grade Separator along with ORR at the Kadabeesanahalli              2,025.00
  • Constn. Of Grade Separator along with ORR at the Intersection of Kalyan Nagar              2,025.00
  • Constn. Of Grade separator along with ORR at the Intersection of Mahadevapura              2,025.00
  • Constn. Of Grade Separator along ORR at Bellandur Junction              2,025.00
  • Constn. Of Grade Separator along ORR at Deverabisanahalli Junction              2,025.00
  • Constn. Of Grade Separator along with ORR at the Intersection of Hennur              2,025.00
  • Constn. Of Grade Separator along with ORR at the Intersection of Veerannapalya            2,025.00
  • Constn of Grade seperator along ORR at 14th Main HSR Layout              2,025.00
  • Integrated Infrastructure facility across ORR - Tumkur Road and jalahalli Railway Crossing (including Tunnel)              4,000.00
  • Flyover across BEL and Kuvempu circle along ORR              4,000.00
  • Underpasses at Bhadrappa Layout, Foodworld Junction etc., between Tumkur Road and Hebbal Junction of ORR            2,000.00
  • Constn. Of Under pass at Sree Kanteerava Studio junction road               1,500.00
  • Constn of Loop to Connect to Old Madras Road with ORR & widening of ORR            1,500.00
  • Formation of road from Airport road to Kundanahalli                800.00
  • ROB at Marathalli                  25.00
  • Constn.of Swimming Pool at Yalahanka                500.00
  • Providing infrastructure facilities to Beggars Rehabilitation Centre at Magadi Road              500.00
  • Construction of Training center for SC / ST Candidates for importing training to appear for All India civil service examinations like IAS, IPS & IFS etc & other Higher Educational Cources.               500.00
  • Renovation of water proofing to roof & Air Conditioner to Sri Kanteerava Indor Statium              500.00
  • Constn of Guest House & additional works at Gandhibhavan                200.00
  • Improvement of service roads              1,000.00
  • National Military  Memorial              1,500.00
  • Providing facilities to 54 slums              5,000.00
  • Providing facilities to SC / ST              5,000.00
  • Developmental works in BBMP Areas              5,000.00
  • Providing grade separators at different junctions              3,500.00
  • Providing Pedestrian Underpass skywalks at different places in the BBMP              2,500.00


  • Overall Development of Bheemanakuppe Lake                750.00
  • Overall Development of Kannahalli Lake                450.00
  • Overall Developmentof Kenchanapura Lake                200.00
  • Overall Development of Vasanthapura Lake                250.00
  • Overall Development of Hoskerehalli Lake                300.00
  • Overall Development Lingadeeranahalli Lake                  50.00
  • Overall Development of Uttarahalli Lake                100.00
  • Overall Development of Singanayakanahalli Lake                300.00
  • Overall Development of Herohalli Lake                300.00
  • Overall Development of Gantagana Halli Lake                300.00 





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Good one, what are these megacity projects?

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Noticed that 300 lakhs for Ananda Rao Circle under Megacity projects - what exactl is that? Rs 20 lakhs for IRR flyover at Domlur - isn't that done as well, jut like the Marathahalli ROB?

Major outlay seems to be for this "BBMP Works as per Govt. order No. NAE 368 MNY 2008 dt 30.08.2008" - total of Rs 604 crores. I am guessing this is referring to new BDA layouts that the government announced last year. Are those orders still valid?

Lots of lake restoration rojects out there, Rs 98 crores if you add up amount for all 22 lakes. Hmm. Would be a fun project to audit these lake restoration works. I have heard that lakes and parks is where they "make" some easy money.

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BDA Webpage Outdated

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I had seen this on the BDA webpage earlier, but ignored it since the page has links that are old /outdated. For example, if you click on future plans, it shows projects that have already been completed.

I thought that this budget was probably for 2006-7, but has been renamed 2009-10 to give viewers the feeling that it was being updated !

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Confused now - BBMP and BDA

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I thought all these grade separator projects along the ORR were from the BBMP.  Why is the bDA budgeting for them?  Unless as Naveen says, this is old wine in old bottle with a new label!

The "Formation of road from Airport to Kundalahalli" might indicate that this is a case of simply updating the file name!


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Shameful copy paste job then?

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So looks like this is some shoddy cut and paste job to "comply" with some condition that would have required the quasi-governmental body like BDA to be transparent about its budget.

Shameful if this is true. Why else would a body with sorry records on transparency take the pain to publish its 2009-2010 budget. Has to be for complaince reasons.

And I can probably guess why as well. We see JNNUMR projects there, and asking for JNNURM money requires you to fulfill certain conditions.

Or else, it could be that we are jut not aware of some of the projects mentioned here. I doubt that, given that this e-group consists of people who read news and tenders like hawks, but let me still put it up as a possibility.


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Good subject for RTI

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 I think this is an ideal topic to file an RTI request on, unless someone has other contacts who will be able to get a response through easier channels.

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I am in, created a project

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I have not signed up for any Praja projects right now, lets start a series of meetings or RTIs to learn more about BDA and their plans.

Starting a project in a minute.

created a project, here:

all interested, please join. comment guidelines

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