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Karnataka State Highway Improvement Project

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On 29/Nov ADB approved a $315 millon loan for Karnataka State Highway Improvement Project (KSHIP II). Amounts to 68% of estimated total ($463 million). 

Main goals: Improve over 600km of roads in the state. Due for completion by Dec 2014.

Projected Outcome:

(1) Elimination of selected immediate priority bottlenecks of the state highway network; 

(2) Road sector planning, programming, and policy formulation are transformed into an objective, data-driven and sustainable process; 

(3) Improved road safety; 

(4) PWD capabilities for operation, maintenance and protection of road assets are strengthened.

Since ADB is in the picture, we might be able to monitor its performance better. Don't need to haggle with GOK / PWD for info. Here are the links for those interested:

ADB's News Release

ADB Project Page, includes all the related documentation

This Summary Page provides the contact for responsible ADB officer, might be able to setup something directly with them to give us updates

KSHIP's project page

Good chance to monitor a long-term infra project from start to end. What say?


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Performance Targets

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Read some tangible numbers here.


Project Impact: Accelerated economic growth

Performance Target & Indicator: 2018 (project end + 3 yrs) v/s 2011 (Start) -  GDP (State) increases by 10%, Poverty level declined by 20%

Project Outcome: More efficient & sustainable transport

Performance Target & Indicator: 2015 v/s 2011 - Avg Travel Time reduces by 25%, Freq of Fatal & Severe accidents reduces by 20%, Avg road condition index improves by 20%

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