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For residents of Kadugodi - the way to bus stand is still down and under

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Pedestrian Infrastructure

It is a very sad scene each time I pass by this major point of Whitefield. The railway crossing connecting Kadugodi population and the Bus stand is causing lot of difficulties for all. At any given time there will be a goods train waiting, with endless carriages, waiting for signal. It makes life difficult for all age a difficult process to cross over. It is extremely difficult in the morning as one rush to the bus stand to reach office or school. Children and aged have to squeeze down or walk all the way till the end and then cross over. At night time, there is absolutely no light making it all the more difficult.

Like the endless carriages parked, the story continues for Kadugodi residents......

Authorities have so far kept a golden silence on the issue of providing an easy passage for the users of the bus station or even the railway station. It is one of the major traffic point connecting residents from various point of Kadugodi and nearby villages and residential areas to the city.

Who cares, if common man suffers? The city is one of the highest tax collecting and revenue generating in India. But, when it comes to necessary infrastructure, it is way behind...

Authorities, please consider the difficulties of Kadugodi residents.... At least, please show kindness to instruct the Railway authorities and the Engine drivers to park the trains before the railway gate, if the possibility of building a bridge is an impossible task by you.


Ramesh Menon

30 August 2012

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start a campaign

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The answer perhaps lies in having a sky-walk like here.

Start a campaign, perhaps with an on-line petition, like this one (do, sign here too), to begin with, addressed to DRM, S W Railways. We will all join you.

And, get the local Corporator, MLA, MP and other elected representatives too to move their backsides, instead of planning on junkets to Argentina, etc.

Muralidhar Rao
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Thanks Murali. Just noted it.

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Thanks Murali. Just noted it. I will begin the process and keep you all informed.


Ramesh Menon

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