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BMTC Sufferings

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       Since the time  BMTC introduced Parisaravahini buses, the travel in BMTC buses has become an ordeal. All Parisaravahinis and all the new buses have glass panels above the windows. These glass panels allow sunlight inside the bus from morning to evening, even at 1pm. The sun rays entering the bus heats up the inside and the heat do not escape.  Hence the commuters have to suffer from two things, direct sunlight and hot interiors.

         I travel from Kumaraswamy Layout to Bangalore Cantonment.  From  K.S.Layout to Town Hall  I travel by   one of these new buses.  At Town Hall normally  I get a pre-parisaravahini bus. The moment I change into this old bus I realise how cool the interior of the old bus is. In the old buses minimum  sun light fall inside the bus as the portion above the windows is made of opaq materials.

        The travel in the new buses also can be made comfortable if the upper panel above the windows is painted white, since white reflects heat and light..

        Through this post I request the BMTC authorities to paint the glass panel above windows with white paint. comment guidelines

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