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Combined ticketing for 2 buses.

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Say i want to go from Banashankari to IIMB. I have to change bus at Jayadeva, so it is two bus journey. If i wait for direct bus it will take too long.

There should be single ticket for my this 2 bus journey. I board a 201 bus from Banashankari, and conductor should give ticket to iimb. After getting down from 201 at jayadeva i should be able to board any other bus and show that "combined ticket" to new conductor who will drop me to iimb.

This will save me from trouble of taking ticket twice, and bmtc manhour also saved by half. Also i need not wait for direct bus, my time saved is money saved.

But this system will need printed ticket, mentioning changing busstop. But when they plan to club metro-bmtc tickets into one, this should be easier.

This will make travelling on bus a headache-free affair.


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Almost happening

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Transport department is about to introduce pre-paid smart cards or charge cards that you can use on all buses, across BMTC, Metro, and KSRTC as well. Details are awaited, but Mr Shankar Linge Gowda told us yesterday that the plan is to roll these cards out by December, and though the pilot was to cover 1000 BMTC buses, they would include all 6000 BMTC buses.

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will have to see

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As the Co-Chairman of the CCTF (Commuter Comfort Task Force) of BMTC, I had made an official trip to Delhi (alongwith the Chairman), one of the points of study being to understand the combined ticketing arrangement between DTC (Delhi Transport Corpn - equivalent of our BMTC) and the Delhi Metro. What we learned was that, though it was originally intended that way, after a few rounds of discussions, Delhi Metro gave up on the idea.

In private, I was told by a senior official of the Metro, that with there being generational differences in the technologies being used by the two entities, there was no way the scheme could work.

Well, I'll say that BMTC is certainly better than DTC. But, even today, it has serious capacity limitations. Besides, it is more for publicity that it keeps coming up with all kinds of schemes, which it quietly buries after the limited purpose has been served, quite as per this ToI report.

As such, I am not quite hopeful of the combined ticketing scheme ever taking off. Within BMTC it may work. But, across BMTC and METRO, doubtful.

Muralidhar Rao
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date and time

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date and time alongwith changing stop need to be mentioned in ticket, so that next bus conductor can cross verify. so printing is required, since volvos already have printed tickets, this system can be introduced for volvo-to-volvo and also in volvo-to-normal buses immediately on pilot basis. so that i need not give change twice for tickets, and second bus conductor's time also saved. combined ticketing for 3 buses as it becomes complex for less usage it will get.

metro smart card reception may not as good to sustain. But we should appreciate publicity stunt ideas of Mr. Ashok in launching new services in the link given by Mr. Rao above. I tried to elaborate since i got at least one affirmative reply.

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seems happening

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Combined ticketing seems happening for trunk and feeder services:

Electronic ticketing machines will have to be introduced to make single ticketing system possible, as the printed ticket bears the time at which it was issued. The commuter has to board another bus within a “reasonable” time to reach the final destination.

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This looks quite

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This looks quite viable-BMTC is said to have asked 6 months time for the procurement of these machines only. Well if it happens it is seriously good thing comment guidelines

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