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Road Widening hits a road block?


Today’s Sunday times had the head line on road widening ahead of Food Ball news for a change.

Your house cannot be taken forcibly under TDR.

“As per the rules, BBMP can take up road widening only under the Transferable Developments Rights Scheme (TDR). If the private property owner does not cooperate in giving away his land for road widening the process cannot be taken up legally”

The only option for BBMP is to forcibly acquire the property by paying current market rate under Karnataka land acquisition act. What then was the relevance of BBMP TDR in the first place? Was it to take away the property without proper compensation? 

BWSSB Ultrosonic Flow meters What can they do?


I saw this leak presumably Cauvery water, during my usual morning walk to day at about 6:15 AM. Instead of picking up a telephone and putting in my complaint at some BBMP  ward office I thought of putting a blog entry on Praja. The BWSSB has installed Ultrasonic flow meters all around Bangalore  for detecting pilferage and or leakages.

   Picture 1. The Ultrosonic Flow meter installed at 80 ft Road

I am not sure whether these kinds of leakages can be detected let alone the exact location identified.

Picture 2. The Drinking Water Pipe on 80 Ft Road Indiranagar Laid beneath the foot path in front of the BSNL Telephone Exchange

Picture 3. The Water gushing at the 12th main 100 ft road Junction at Indiranagar


Our Worshipfull Corporaters


Shri. S.K.Nataraj, Worshipful Mayor , No. 144, 12th Cross,3rd Main, Sarakki Grama, Bangalore-560078 Mobile : 9845013157


A praja face to face meet at Vittal Mallya Road June 12, 2010

InfrastructureEverything else

I, Mr. KV Pathy and Mr. Janardanam arrived at the Vittal Mallya road at about 8:30 AM to day as scheduled. We were later joined by Dr. Srinath Heragu. We started our tour of the road from the kasturba road end of the Vittal Mallya Road.

Kaggadasapura Lake Encorachment - Commendable work Mr. Mayor


From a newspaper report last week:

“Bangalore: Mayor S K Nataraj conducted a surprise inspection of Kaggadasapura lake on Wednesday and ordered for the immediate clearance/demolition of a road that was built across the lake. After the inspection, mayor said: “It was an informal visit to C V Nagar assembly constituency where I was alerted by the local MLA about the the construction of a road in midst of the lake. Instructions have been given to demolish the road and clear theencroachments.” 


" ... Kaggadasapura lake is spread across 46 acres of land. While MLA S Raghu said he will fund Rs 75 lakh for fencing of the lake area, mayor vowed Rs 3.75 lakh for upgradation of the lake. Nataraj also visited Benniganahalli lake and Hosakere lake during his visit.”

A blessing or a curse?


 The Global Investors Meet (GIM) which concluded on Friday the 4th June 2010, has thrown up a new monitory scale of lakh crore. With the all too common inflation this is no surprise. It can expand to infinity. The Tata nano has started its production line, when there is no parking space in metros like New Delhi, Bangalore etc.  Unfortunately the space on the planet earth is limited however much we wish it is not true.

RWH compliance in BBMP ward # 58


 Smt Sumitra Vijaykumar is our corporater for Ward # 58. The newly formed ward # 58 has the old ward 74 area including 9th main HAL III stage, where our house # 1669 is situated. Smt Sumitra is proactively working for the designated ward. She has organized a regular monthly meeting with the ward residents to take forward the well being of the ward as a whole. 

Mr. Vijay Kumar the corporater’s husband kindly accepted my request for a discussion on compliance of RWH by residents in ward 58. I found Sri Vijaykumar genuinely receptive to problems faced by us residents. 

I apprised Mr. Vijaykumar of what I have implemented at my house towards using the entire rainfall received at my 60x40 site for ground water charging, using a pre existing well. He inspected my premises in detail along with his gang. All were appraised in detail of what was done at my place. 

My actual agenda was in fact extending the RWH clause to BBMP. Mr. Vijaykumar was quick to see my point. Here is what I tried to explain:- 

Minutes of a SCEP Meeting on “Global warming”


 We have a weekly SCEP (Senior Citizen Enrichment Program) meeting on every Wednesday at 4:30 PM at Mother Tree a beautiful place provided by one of our SCEP members We were about 20 senior citizens at this meeting to day. It was a very hot evening and the welcome rain was the saving grace. 

The speaker of the day was Ms Arun Shivasaran a young and upcoming Architect of repute. 

The speaker started the talk on a poignant note of alluding to the commonly used greeting when we meet viz “how are you” meaning how is your health. Now it is high time we talk about global warming instead. For Architects it is now common to grade Silver gold and platinum standards based on Global warming compliance. 

Building bye laws

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

 The comprehensive Building bye laws of 2003 available as a pdf document  is impressive which tries to set the rules in a professional way for preserving heritage Bangalore. However the BJP government thought in its wisdom that it is very stringent and some minor deviations are in the public interest. I built my house in 1986 fully complaint to the set backs specified, and some thing more than specified and built a duplex building exclusively for one family. However I built a toilet at a corner outside which was not as per the rule book. However such akramas are now Sakrama. This according to me is a step in the forward direction. 

Electricity distribution and Pruning of road side trees


 During rainy season the road side trees are usually in the news. The whirlwinds are the culprits in up rooting of many trees.  The pruning of the road side trees is another chore that the BBMP has to do due to the over head domestic electricity distribution system currently being followed in the city.

The Lok Satta Party public interactions meet with JP


 After the recent BBMP election JP is visiting Bangalore in carrying forward the new party’s agenda. This interaction reminded us the probable scenario which might have prevailed at the time of freedom struggle.  The fight now is against the middle class apathy ignorance and above all their pretence to know best according to JP. 

JP stressed on the importance of local government. An increase in per capita income alone may make the country rich but still a banana republic. He felt that with proper management the malaise like power cuts etc can be avoided altogether. 

To days scenario highlights the viciously guarded statues quo by our politicians. The confused nonchalance and apathy of the voters is a boon to them. Many levels of changes are needed. JP alluded to the two major types of corruption, the extortional and collusive type of corruption. Both kind of corruption are to be tackled. 

IISc Alumina Association (IIScAA) Science Forum – Popular Lecture Series

To enhance the scientific temperament amongst the community at large and inspire young aspirants in particular, IIScAA Science Forum – Popular Lecture Series was launched today at the Faculty Hall at IISc campus. It was hoped to promote the quality of the dialogue on the new roles and challenges of scientific knowledge within today’s global society. 

IIScAA Science Forum would be disseminating the emerging frontiers of Science & Technology globally to the society, along with history & philosophy, discoveries, inventions, revolutions, limitations, use & abuse of Science & Technology and the impact of Science & Technology on society. The IIScAA Science Forum will also share with the society the contribution of IISc in Science & Technology by arranging Lectures by eminent scientists of repute from IISc & outside. 

Town Planning –Principles Summary

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

 Town planning principles are age old. Sir Patrick Geddes (1854-1932) who visited Bangalore in his days, classified the towns in three main categories depending on three stages of development:- 

  1. Primary
  2. Secondary
  3. Tertiary 

Here is a Lewis Mum ford book  “The city in history: its origins, its transformations, and its prospects” review :- 

BBMP Elections - Who could be in the driver’s seat?

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

 When there is a low turn out the party in power looses. So BJP may be facing the music. This is the conclusion of the TV News-9 program that had in the days evening live. This was done by “CVOTER” for the TV-9 channel. Mr. Prakash, Narayan swamy of JDS BJP and Cong were in the debate along with two more participants, whose name I could not get. 

Out of 229 seats the magic number to win is 150. The forecast is 

  1. BJP 89-91
  2. Cong 68-76
  3. JDS 14-22
  4. Other  17-25 

So is it that Operation Lotus part II will be enacted? 

 The exit polls gave the following result. Politics 

Town Planning - Ribbon and Ring development

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

 Towns existed many centuries before the Industrial revolution. The pre industrial towns were glorified villages in short for obvious reasons.  The degree of urbanization increases sharply as industrialization increases. Even with an inherent flaw in the urban mechanism as opposed to nature, the urban way of life has definite irresistible advantages. 

1.      Man is a social animal

2.      Economic drivers

3.      Easy access to goods and services

4.      Education and seat of learning

5.      Safety 

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