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Sustainable economic practices for a healthy democracy

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The meet started at 6:00 PM sharp with the following four on the dais:-

1.       Gautam Padmanabhan CEO westlands,

2.       Rev Father Dr. Vijay Kumar Prabhu Pricipal, St. Josephs College of Commers 

3.       Mohandas Pai and

4.       Shankar Jaganathan

Young and energetic Rakesh Godwani of IIM Bangalore was in charge of conducting the meeting.

Rev Father Vijay Kumar Prabhu said that both Mohandas pai and Shankar were alumina of the college. Shankar has brought out his second book which talks about how the wisdom shown by the industrious ants in working hard with community collaboration has relevance to the evolving worlds sustainable economies.

T V Mohan das pai holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore, and a bachelor’s degree in law (LLB) from Bangalore University. He is also a fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). In 2011, Mohan, alumni of Bangalore University, received an offer to co-chair the proposed Bangalore University School of Economics.   

He was a Member of the Board of Directors of Infosys,[1] and Head – Administration, Education and Research, Financial, Human Resources, and Infosys Leadership Institute.

As the CFO, he played a strategic role in transforming Infosys into one of the worlds most respected and widely known software services companies. He formulated the country’s first publicly articulated financial policy for the company. For the Wikipedia article click here [1]

Mohandas pai in general touched upon

1.      economics left to specialists

2.      inspects life’s basic social agenda

3.      High spending encroaching on our savings

4.      No reward to hard work

5.      Nomadic hunter in contrast to present economies

6.      Concept of demand and supply

7.      Concept of property

8.      Concept of Morality

9.      Concept of slavery

10.  Etc Etc.

In short he felt that Shankars book is extraordinary with tight English, flowing language to understand a complex economics of the current century. 

After the dignitaries joined the audience, Shankar Jaganathan delivered his lecture. It took three and a half years of research to finish this book.

He started off with the following analogy:-

1.      Sugar cane

2.      Jagery

3.      Sugar

He also brought out the significance of altruism: - Unselfish concern for the welfare of others; selflessness.

Here is what Rahul Dravid the cricketer has to say about the book.

“Interesting, insightful and educative, this book is a must read for any one wanting to make sense of what is happening in the economic world today and why.”

The paper back book priced Rs250/- was available at the venue. 


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Some Pictures of the event

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The meeting took place at the III floor auditorium of the college. The whole event was recorded live. The college has enough lawn space which could accomodate the attendies vehicles.

Picture 1 Ribbon Cutting

Picture 2 Shankar Jaganathan Presentation


Picture 3 Mohandas Pai with the crowd 

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thank you sir

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Thanks PSA sir for attending and posting the report. comment guidelines

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