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Socio-Economic Challenges of smart cities in India IISc meet

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The Seminar was attended by five Praja 1)Venu, 2)PSA, 3)Pathy, 4)Satya and 5)Pranav. A smart Agenda and Speaker Profiles were available along with a nice bag given to each of the delegates.

Most of the talk went overboard for me. The following were exceptions

1.      Mr. Suresh Heblikar,

2.      Dr. HS Sudhira, Indian Institute for Human settlements

3.      HL Shashidhara of Indian Urban space foundation.

Mr. Suresh Heblikar was conspicuous by his simple talk on how people living in near by villages are robed of their abodes and lively hood knowingly or unknowingly.  Such people and many others are facing the heat of developing so called ‘smart’ Cities.

Dr. HS Sudhindra was down to earth. One slide that attracted my particular attention was the last one where the disadvantage of a single huge city vs agglomeration of small, multiple [Satilite] towns surrounding the main city.

Mr. HL Shashidhara showed two real life examples of how to reclaim misused roads and put them into sanity. He was infact able to reclaim encroached land. This was in the CBD area of our city of Bangalore

List of speakers / Dignitories

  • Dr. TG Sitaram Chairman CiSTUP
  • Prof Dr. Otthein Herzog, Exec Board member acatech
  • Mr. Hans-Gunter Loffer Geman Deputy General Consul Bangalore
  • Dr Chakraborty Director, IGSTC, Delhi
  • Mr. SV Ranganath IAS Chief Secretary Govt of Karnataka
  • Prof Dr. P.Balram Director IISC.
  • Prof AK Akhilesh Dept of Management Studies IISC
  • Dr. KRS Murthy Inst of social and economic change
  • Dr. Jorg Himmerlreich Jacobs- University Berman
  • Mrs Manjula Commissioner DULT
  • and many more



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Some pictures of the meet

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Picture-6 Mr. Ranganath Secretary Govt of Karnataka and Mrs Manjula Commissioner DULT.



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