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World cup victory and Yeddyurappa

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CM's gift to cricket players, as per news reports:

"It is a joyous occasion for the entire country. We are proud of the Indian cricket team for winning the World Cup after 28 years. In recognition of their achievement, the state government will gift free sites measuring 372 square meters (4,000 square feet) in Bangalore soon to all the 15 cricketers," a beaming Yeddyurappa told reporters. 

Further ...

Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) will have a great task on hand: to find a suitable 50x80 sites to distribute it to 16 members of the victorious Indian squad, including Coach Gary Kirsten. "For more than a year, BDA has been trying to acquire land for two of the five layouts but all in vain. Can we give sites to these cricketers 30 km from the heart of Bangalore City where lands are presently available? I guess we have no option but to give stray sites in various parts of the city,'' said a senior BDA official. 

Whose property is he donating to the players? This largesse of the CM at the cost of scarce / limited land in the city is deplorable.  The country has already spent a fortune on the game and the players.


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Shame on Yeddy and other govt officials too

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Shame on these people.  Who are they to gift away tax payer money in the form of cash rewards and land rewards.  This reminds me of the kings and queens of old, who in stories would remove an ornament and reward citizens who pleased them greatly.

I do not think that these guys have any right to unilaterally announce gifts like this.  Also read that Pranab is contemplating tax exemption on the gifts.  Sorry, no can do.  Most of these national team guys are well off and they will reap benefits i9n terms of endorsement deals and such.  Why should public money come into play?

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Yeddi is expert when it comes to lands

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Yeddi is expert when it comes to lands, he has done the mastery in land scams, this seems another way to benefit himself of lands while showing public that he is gifting.


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Yeddyurappa's announcement is not legal

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The Karnataka High Court had made it clear that the government has no power to direct the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) to allot sites to anyone, as the urban development authority is an autonomous body.

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G category

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It is CM's discretionary powers under G category to allot limited number of sites to anybody who is a social figure. He was defending saying his son was given site because he is an MP. It is legal but this law should be changed soonest, even sonia gandhi said CM's should give up discretionary powers. http://www.indianexpress....

These players get lot of money by IPL auctions and ad endorsements, they are the last persons who would need a free site. Esp Bangalore where those cricketers would buy sites anyway, instead give them sites in Mysore or Hubli none of those players will come and settle.



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Build Sports Stadiums Instead!

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Housing site would be the last thing the Indian Cricket team would need at this time. Every one knows each member of the team has been adequately been compensated and given awards in addition to huge sums of money they rake in IPL and brand andorsements.

Right thing for governments all accross India to flicitate the winning team is to build sports complexes that generations would make use of it. Name the complexes after them. That would be the best award and appreciation can give to the cricket heroes.


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is that all he knows to do?

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Thank you for posting this, I had exactly the same thoughts as the comments posted by many others above

  • First of all, why does the CM have such discretionary powers to hand out sites at will? Who else has he been handing them out to? Well, we know about that.
  • Why shower gifts at sportspersons who already have plenty? What is Yeddy's track record on sports for the state?

Does Yeddy notice that there are NO Karnataka players in the national XI today? If he cares about cricket, and wants to show his love, how about a new stadium for the state? Or a new academy somewhere in Northern Karnataka?

Whoever can do it, please just get rid of this BDA thing, a shameful little tool in the hands of state government to undermine the spirit of local autonomy and democracy.

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Competition amonts the state governments

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I don't think any govt is actually going to implement it, they are just announcing left and right. They couldn't keep their promise made to winners earlier, now also, they are just enjoying the icing-on-the-cake.

It seems that the politicians, state goverments just want to cash on the public sentiments of the common-man over the world-cup victory and going on announcing like this. They have really no right to throw away our money like this to players who already have plenty. I mean, they really have plenty.

Please someone stops it, I hope media show this side too.

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raja-praja mindset

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Far more than any external threat or domestic challenge, it is this mindset that holds India back. If the person handing out the pearls believes he is the ruler, it is implicit that the person taking the inam is subordinate and subject, not a free citizen.

For the full article by Nitin Pai in 'The Pioneer', click here.

Muralidhar Rao
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Well written article by Nitin Pai.  Nailed the point perfectly.

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Anything can be done to prevent CM to do the wrong?

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Anything what we can do as Praja or any other social activists to stop CM from doing the wrongs. He has committed to find out the sites and allot in another 15 days time, while other sportsman who have been still struggling to get their alloted land for so long are feeling left.

He should stop, step back and think what is he doing and how partial he is, and then how can he still make use of that power for something welfare of the city and state and country.

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Commonwealth games etc

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But let us be frank a silver medal in Commonwealth or Asian games is not that big an achievement, those Karnataka achievers are given monetary awards by CM already . We shall not hype Commonwealth British colony games just because it was held in Delhi. A bronze in Olympics worth far more than these. Cricket world up is third most watched event after Olympics and Football world cup. Especially in India cricket has more popularity than any other game.

Coming to sites in Bangalore, sites can be given only to "needy" of those 16 heros. Some condition that only those who dont own a site in any of Indian metro cities can be awarded a site in Bangalore. I think players like Munaf Patel, Ashish Nehra can be given.

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Now it's cash ony

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According to a kannada tv channel, the CM has withdrawn the site offer and giving Rs. 25 lakh for each player.  He's citing the law.  I think the high court had struck out the G category.

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Cricketers are earning good amount of money from games and advertisements.  It is better to encourage people from other types of sports specially from smaller towns and villagers.

Secondly, why every one should be given a site in Bangalore when an ordinary citizen is not in a position to have the same.

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Who should pay for the cash Award?

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Cash / Material rewards at public expense could be unethical hence wrong. I wonder whether any legislation is in place under which our elected representatives can indulge in such largesse. If any such law does exist, it needs to be repealed. If it is not, such rewards amount to unlawful [and criminal?] patronage at public expense, hence punishable.

Recognition at best could only be through an official certificate. The scale of expense towards any public meeting for giving these awards also needs to be defined by suitable legislation.  Any other form of appreciation at pubic expense should therefore be a punishable offence.

In this perspective who should bear the expense of Rs 25 Lack each to the full world cup team including coach? Does the Chief Minister and his cabinet have any ideas?

TOI’s investigation finds that much of the money is coming from the state education budgets, at least in Punjab, Delhi and Maharashtra. A Delhi finance ministry official explains: “There is some allocation in the annual education budget to give away cash rewards to outstanding sportspersons. So it is that fund which we are using up to reward these cricketers.’’ 

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CM and his powers

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Anything what we can do as Praja or any other social activists to stop CM from doing the wrongs.



  1. Chief Minister is the head of the legislative assembly which as the name suggests is an assembly of elected reps of people to make laws ie legislate. [This is a GYAN known to all praja. No claims for any copy right]
  2. Even the law maker is bound by his own / or otherwise existing law.
    1. He should debit the expense to valid / budgeted account
    2. Find the money to meet any over stepping
    3. Get the approval and pass the amendment to the reallocation
    4. etc
  3. The Secretaries should advice the ministers that even the law maker is not above the approved / existing laws.
  4. The Jan Lokpal bill proposes a strong deterrent to erring people’s representative at the helm of affairs like the CM and his cabinet. Will this provide some ray of hope? Let s wait and see.

What one should do as a “Praja” or “Prajegalu” happens to be one and the same. Vote we must. comment guidelines

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