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Kiran Bedi and gender bias

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 Kiran Bedi born on June 9, 1949 is a Peshawaria. While studying at the Sacred Heart Convent, Kiran joined the National Cadet Corps (NCC) and took up tennis. After school she studed Political Science at the Government College for Women, Amritsar. Kiran married Brij Bedi a fellow student 1972. This was also the year when Kiran was selected for the Indian Police Service (IPS). At the 1973 Republic Day Parade she was at the head of the Police Contingent. The then Prime Minister, Mrs. lndira Gandhi was so impressed that she invited Kiran for breakfast with her the very next day. What a combination! 

Here is a nice video to view.

The eminent writer, Khushwant Singh, in one of his columns, With Malice Towards One And All described Kiran Bedi as "The gutsiest woman I have ever known". 

Kiran Bedi did not fear anybody. For her the law was the same for all, be it the President of India or any commoner. It is said that she once towed the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi car for parking violation who was on tour of United States. She supported the junior Police officer, who actualy wrote the chalan, to the hilt                              

 Not everyone loves this gutsy woman though. Kiran Bedi has been often criticized for being "media-hungry" and controversial. Often, she has been transferred out of offices for trying to turn things around. But despite these minor complaints, Kiran Bedi remains one of the most inspiring Indian public figures.

 After Kiran Bedi there are many female members in IPS. Hence the gender bias which Kiran might have faced may not be there any more. However the number of upright in the IPS cadre remains precious few.

 Why I am writing all this?

 On Jannuary 25 2009, three of my senior citizen morning walk friends were killed during the early morning walk on 100 ft road, Indiranagar. No FIR till now. What a tragedy! 


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 No FIR till now. What a tragedy!

No FIR? How come? I thought the person was arrested.

If this is true, we should be ashamed. Is there no value system in this society at all? No wonder Naxalism rules in this land.

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Great Admirer Myself

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PSA Garu,

Your description of Kiran Bedi is most apt in these days of police apathy. I am a great admirer of this gusty woman myself.

Great pity indeed that no FIR was lodged in the hit and run case of 3 Sr. Citizens on 100 ft road.

As she often says hereself, some thought must also be spared for the poor, overworked, underpaid beat police and sub-inspectors who man the police stations. The Police Reforms Commission recommendations which Ms Bedi herself Chaired remains unimplemented to this day.

If Government can be so apathetic towards a Ramon Magsaysay award winner's recommendations, what of we Prajagalus? Wither our voice?





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No FIR?!

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 Really?  I thought an FIR and case would be the first thing to be filed.  Can you give more details?  Have the families of these innocent victims not filed a case? Can a copy of the FIR and case number be requested through RTI I wonder...

This is a scandal of gargantuan proportions.  No punishment for the most egregious of crimes!

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The original has been destroyed

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 The original FIR was destroyed by fire some time back and the same was reported in the papers. The police is yet to submit a fresh FIR.

The case is being heard. All the families have filed cases. A normal practice is an out of court settlement. However some parties insist on litigation even if long drawn.

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appa, what subject?

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Saar, we come here to read bangalore topics. subject uses Kiran Bedi's name to pull readers. 4 lines in the end about FIR.

Sir, Write only about FIR problem no. I want to know more about that, really - what a tragedy. For knowing about Kiran Bedi and all, there are bekadasht jagaa in the internet, alva?

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Could not make out from the Subject -Indeed we need such officer

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Could not make out from the subject of discussion, but, indeed we need such officers.

Nowadays more of hit and run cases due to increasing number of 4 wheelers and their no care attitude towards pedestrains, cyclists and two wheelers. I feel we are safe more in Buses and Trains in India rather than any other vehicles. This reminds me of the award winning Kannada movie 'Accident' shot by ShankarNag during those days. We are seeing more of them now in Metros. Salman Khan's case in Mumbai is ditto of the movie.

If we have corrupt free and influence free officer like Kiran Bedi, such accidents will definitely decrease in the fear of law.

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something amiss

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Original FIR getting destroyed in a fire, need not necessarily derail the case. And, this is a criminal case, which cannot be settled out of court. I don't think Mr Ananthram has got the facts right.

Besides, like others have stated, I don't know where Ms Kiran Bedi fits in.

Muralidhar Rao
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Gender bias and after

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The issue is the cyclist going in a wrong side of the road. He was on his right end of the road that too in a wrong lane itself. The car hitting him straight, [head on?] the driver lost control. The walking friends were also on the road not on the foot path.

The blog is about Kiran and the gender bias which existed when she joined the force as its first lady officer. The handling of the case by men / women police officers hardly makes a difference now a days. Where as wrong handling does have deleterious effect.

In the present time things have changed and the gender bias is no longer there. My point was more about the loss of my friends whom I miss during my morning walks even now, and not about the nutty gritty of the case alone. comment guidelines

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