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The Black Gold of Bangalore

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 When we visited the KC Valley sewage water treatment plant on Monday the 15th June 2009 the one thought that struck me was that the product of this treatment plant is infact a black gold. We were told that this material is transported by trucks free of cost. obviously, I thought. 

 Surprisingly to day I find this article in TOI, Bangalore edition. I have reproduced the portion of the article relevent here.

 “The government has found a way to turn the city’s garbage into gold — black gold, that is. About 1,000 tons of solid waste dumped in various yards every day will now fetch the BBMP a whopping Rs 98.55 lakh annually. 

The cabinet on Thursday approved the proposal of a private firm (Organic Waste India) to set up a solid waste processing plant at Bidarahalli under Mandur gram panchayat, about 22 km from here. “They have agreed to pay Rs 27 per MT of garbage,” law minister Suresh Kumar said. Emulating a project already initiated by Mysore City Corporation, he said they have earmarked 25 acres near the site for dumping organic waste. The government will also set up a power generation unit that will produce 7.55 MW power.

 I was told that government incurs some expenditure on the KC Valley sewage water treatment plant. If on the other hand this plant at Bidarahalli could be source of income. What a seeming contradiction. 


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KC Valley Vs Bidarahalli

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Dear Mr. Ananthram,

At KC Valley a German firm is treating sewage water, separating the solid contents and sending the treated liquid content (viz: water) into Bellandur Lake. The solid waste from sewage water is then mixed with organic material and used as manure. I understand the German firm is taking the manure away without paying anything for it. On the other hand, for running the sewage water treatment plant, it is charging Rs. 50 lakhs every month and BBMP is shelving it out without a murur!

While the Rs. 50 lakhs paid per month for treating sewage water from certain areas of Bangalore at KC Valley may be justifyable as being cost of running the plant (although I think it is rather high and there are other solutions which require no maintenance whatsoever!), not paying a sue for the rich manure it collects is criminal waste of public money.

Even the water that is treated at KC Valley and poured into Bellandur lake is a waste as Bellandur lake continues to get polluted by other sewage water lines pouring into it from 20 other places. A holistic solution which tackles all polluting sewage lines and ensures it does not get mixed up with already treated water is essential, if we are to save Bellandur lake.

There are excellent solutions for all this, but alas Government is wearing blinkers and Private sector is too tired of dealing with them, the three tender policy and a host of other headaches. So no one is willing to come forward.

I hope someone in authority is made aware of this gross negligence and daylight robbery that is going on right under everyone's nose!



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let's try and open it up

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Why don't we start an exercise of exposing them all through facts and figures collected, if required, through RTI?

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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Good idea to expose them with facts collected under RTI. But someone must have patience and be willing to walk the talk till the end. Aren't all of us too busy with our own work related activity to take up this cause? Hope I am wrong and someone is willing to take up cudgels.


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