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Garbage Collection techniques in a appartment complex

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Need help to know about how garbage is collected and disposed in an appartment complex without creating inconvenience for people living in the appartment. 

In my appartment complex, on south west corner, there is a provision created by the Builder while he was maintaining the appartment.  From then the place has been marked as the garbage dumping centre and from the association we have arranged to collect the garbage by the municipal workers (both direct and indirect) fees are paid.  the allocated place is also cleaned week on week with required chemical powders.  but the resident living close to that place is complaining about the dermites and flies which are entering into his flat. 

Would request more ideas and thoughts to know what are the other best ways to collect and dispose garbage.  I have suggested to buy the green garbage cans. 


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Dear Prakasini It is possible

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Dear Prakasini

It is possible to get bio-degradeable garbage bags - a few months ago I contacted the Clean Bengaluru people and this is the email Myriam Shankar forwarded to me. It has all the information you need to contact the suppliers.

That, along with garbage segregation in to dry and wet garbage - will go a long way in solving the problem. A good way to get rid of kitchen waste, which is about 70% of the garbage produced by most people - is to compost it. A convenient way of doing it is to contact this company called Daily Dump - who supply the composting gadgets - though of course you can simply make one yourself.

Hope this helps ! 



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Some questions

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Is this a community of high rises? Will really like to learn myself on different ways for such communities to collect and ship out solid waste.

How is waste collected today? Each apartment dumps it in the designated corner (south-west), or you have haulers who go door to door and pick up?

In the door to door pick up model, would you want every apartment to buy large blue/green plastic bins with lids. Like these:

In each apartment emptying directly a common dump model - how is that dump area - just an area, or a huge container. Is it an open container, or a one with lids?

Or do your high rise buildings have chutes for dropping down waste? And does the chute empty into some sort of compaction system? Like this one:

Harmony Enterprises 700SSRC

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Another point

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If you live in an apartment complex - which has at least 15 residents - there exists companies which will come and collect your dry waste - and pay you for it - as long as you segregate the waste. I cannot say this from first hand experience - but I met some people at one of these Garbage walks who can help in this matter. In any case - this person Myriam Shankar is a good resource  - . She knows all the people involved so I suppose its best to write to her.

Apparently BBMP has started some Garbage segregation programme - but of course they never told anyone ;). So in fact, if you separate the dry and wet garbage - they will collect them separately and in fact it will benefit the person collecting as s/he will get some money for the dry garbage.


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also can checkout daily dump.

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details are at   this site:

i am using one of the their products "Kambha"  and i live in an apartment . comment guidelines

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