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An idea of how to increase Volov buses Revenue

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Hello friends,

Greetings to all i am Nitin. i have a BUSINESS IDEA FOR  VOLVO BUSSES to increase its revenue.

                            so here i am putting my idea about how BMTC can increase volvo busses revenue


So friends it is simple as we all know when we travels in busses we feels thristy, hungry and sometimes needs something to pass our time during travelling in busses. so govt. can start selling cold drinks, chips and so other packaged food items in volvo i am very sure that people will definitely buy these products.Govt. can put news paper and magazines in volvo as we know most of the people who travels in volvo they are wealthy and they dont think spending money on these now question arises where to keep these all items and from where to source these all things and how to manage this business model.

 so i have a good business model related to volvo busses so if anybody interested to put this idea in practicallity contact me on my mai id.


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Let them provide service first which will lead to revenue

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Let me inform you that this was already done and got failed. Some months back, in VOLVO's the BMTC was doing catering but it didn't work out.

Let me remind you all, the BMTC should do public service in terms of commuting rather than eyeing on revenue.

If they provide service in terms of commuting, it will automatically lead to revenue increase.

BMTC needs to do monitoring(time sense) on major routes wher the public demand is high. 

BMTC is know to everyone that it is PUBLIC org but it is totally a private org. They are thinking how to make revenue that's it. 

Sir, do you know, even the VOLVO's commuters are getting cheated by the BMTC.

So kindly request you all to stop doing business rather think of how to implement better service in terms of commutation. 

Though you all feel my words are harsh, day by day the BMTC is looking and getting converted to private. comment guidelines

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