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'October Revolution' round the corner

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Times of India reports:

20 MLAs have withdrawn support to the BSY government, according to rebel leader P M Narendraswamy after meeting Governor H R Bhardwaj. The Governor has asked Yeddyurappa to prove majority by Oct 12.  ...

Talk of bribery:

... "For the first time in the history of Karnataka, each legislator is offered between Rs 20 crore and Rs 30 crore (to shift loyalty) and it (money) already been handed over to their family members", the chief minister alleged but didn't elaborate.

Source (TOI story)


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Oct Jinx - Another report

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Looks like the govt is getting all set to fall

---- & rain more misery on the people of Karnataka.

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Frustrating ...

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Govt falling, rebellions and what not, it can get very frustrating. Not sure how the politicking etc can be fixed, but some ways to make sure its not easy for new governments to go back on stated policy measures or announced projects should help to keep continuity while these guys play musical chairs. All we need is continuity of works, projects and services being delivered to us, while these guys play their games to amuse us.

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closer to falling?

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looks like it is closer to falling I think is because we have less faith in democracy and to whom does it matter? the constitution has an ideology which is about equality, and it is not only a message

gates of Vidhana soudha are locked and direct telecast of proceedings are stopped temporarily for tomorrow, so are we being told  that public has given up the right to question scams.

a big scam in land and money (rs 4000 crs in 2 years just in BBMP so imagine what was there in the GoK)     that is exactly where there is no equality

the point being once again maybe a party should have an ideology as seperate from land and money scams, maybe even with morals. and maybe even different from others

In Turkey last month a constitutional reform referendum was held and 23 issues were decided with majority voting in favour of a liberal constitution away from the big brother by the military.

if people in Karnataka are also reduced to being slaves of money scams like was tried during the recent BBMP elections the public agenda is in danger of becoming a politicians agenda.


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I suppose the BJP has

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I suppose the BJP has realised that the best way to fix a match is to buy the umpire.

Its certainly a travesty but on the other hand its not cler that the other chaps are any better. Being in power for several years all they did was bring the state futher down.

I dont even thing God can save Karnataka.

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Birds of a feather...

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Tit for tat - for every 'governor', there's a 'speaker' !

Looks like BJP is no less a "player" than are congress & JD.

BJP wins trust vote, for now. comment guidelines

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