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Local wastewater (or mini sewerage) treatment plant

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Jayadeva institute built their own treatment plant. full article (DH source below.

The effluent treatment plant (ETP) commissioned at the Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research (JICSR), is the only model liquid bio-medical waste treatment plant in the entire State.

The plant was commissioned six months ago and the JICSR has become the only government-owned specialty heart hospital in the State to get the ETP. What’s more, the hospital has now called for tenders to lay pipelines which can supply the recycled water from the treatment plant, for flushing toilets. The ETP also consumes less power to pump water.

Apart from this, the hospital is also expecting a 40 per cent decrease in its water bill, which at present, comes to about Rs 14 lakh per month. “Not only can we save on water bill,  but also use the extra water to water plants,” said JICSR Director Dr C N Manjunath.

Presently, the recycled water is being let out in a small well that will recharge the groundwater. The hospital also intends to connect biogas, a byproduct of the entire recycling process, to the hospital canteen in another three months at which point the quantity of biogas is believed to triple. Treatment of biomedical waste has been an issue of concern in the last few years, especially with Lok Adalat coming down strongly on hospitals for not setting up Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), last year.
[rest of the article here]

The return period for investment is approximately 18 years. My pet peeve is addressed; more mini sewerage treatment plants at the discharge points at lakes, local areas of heavy sewerage discharges etc. are needed. These could be constructed by BWSSB or private parties or combination (incentives from BWSSB etc.). Appropriate charges to treat so as to maintain environment, re-use/conserve water and so on. People are willing to pay for good service as evidenced by discussions elsewhere on the increased patronage of volvo service (here is fodder for those that want to digress ;-)).

KHSDRP is listed online though the website doesn't seem to be updated (no new updates, last tender in 2008).  Typical of govt. agency ;-)



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At last,  mini sewerage

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At last,  mini sewerage treatment plants are being considered by BWSSB.   Extract from the article:

It was decided to install smaller sewage treatment plants, instead of constructing huge ones.

Hope they move forward and get implemented quickly and on a large scale.  Also, hopefully the cost will be recovered  by appropriate charges (i.e. no subsidy or other such distortions). When will politicians learn that people (at least in cities) are willing to pay for good quality and consistent services? comment guidelines

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