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Online RTI

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A newspaper article mentions availability of online RTI filing at Just FYI for those who may not be aware. Haven't researched yet to see if it is applicable in all states nor know how effective it is. If anyone has used the site, it would be interesting to know the outcome.


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Have written to them

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Thanks for the info n.

We have been thinking of creating an "online RTI" feature on this website, and make it available to the "projects" (a feature we are building here, launched parts of it recently). If they have a good online system in place, can partner with them.

We have written to them if they have provision for or allow integration for extending on to other websites like ours.

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Great, really great thing

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This is going to be our great help to many of us who want to file RTI but cannot do that because of so many reason, a few reasons may be going to Post-Office on weekdays due to work and then many times a lack of information in doing a lot of things regarding filing a RTI.

Lets use it Praja Folks and share our experiences here so that others can avaatil the benefit using this gre service. comment guidelines

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