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BMTC - 500k - 600k causing passenger inconvenience

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500k and 600k are the only 2 volvo routes between Silk Board to Vijaynagar and there is a lot of passenger density in this route. As per the BMTC route info, there is a bus every 5 mins in the peak hour between 530 and 730.

Bus stands on the outskirts to decongest traffic

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 Building bus stands on the outskirts of a city is a concept which has been widely developed throughout Tamil Nadu. None of the inter-state buses today enter the interiors of towns like Madurai, Tirunelveli, Dharmapuri and even Chennai has its bus stand quite far away from the main city centre though the city has expanded beyond the present bus stand.

Effect of Metro stations on adjacent roads

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The metro work is underway on main roads in most part of Bangalore. The metro stations that are to be constructed are significantly wider than the main track. Will this not create bottlenecks on adjacent roads? For example, there is a metro station being constructed on Old Madras Road near the 80ft road junction. The Old Madras road which is wider on either side of the station suddenly becomes very narrow leading to frequent traffic jams here. Even after the construction of the station, the road width isn't going to change and this can be a serious problem later on. 

Consider the Vijaynagar main road. If the Metro station is constructed near the Bunts Sangha, it will almost be as wide as the road today. How can  the width of the roads be made uniform throughout?

Is this something that BMRCL is thinking of? In addition, the presence of a station will require rickshaw stands and bus stops nearby which means the roads have to be wider in these places. On the contrary, the station makes the road narrower. This is definitely a double whammy. 

Mysore road expansion - how can you remove the bottleneck?


Do planners in Bangalore realize that bottlenecks are the main source of traffic problems? It doesn't matter if you have a 5km long 8 lane road at the end of which has a bottleneck which reduces to 2 lanes. 

It looks like that the Mysore road is going to be widened. The govt will end up spending crores of money and cause inconvenience to lot of riders during this widening spree. We'll also lose all the trees which so far have kept the Mysore road a complete canopy. But the Bapujinagar bridge is a huge bottleneck. If nothing is done to widen at this point, the whole effort is meaningless. Given that we have the Masjid and the GhaaLi Anjaneya temple on either side, we can imagine that this part of the road can never be widened. 

Do the officials even think about this before going about doing their job of road widening? 

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