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Koramangala EWS housing cum commercial complex

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BBMP has given a contract to Maverick Holdings and Investment Private Limited, a private firm, to construct 1,640 houses for economically weaker sections (EWS) at Vannarpet in Ejipura area.  - - -  A few years ago, 1,512 houses had collapsed in the same area and the victims were provided temporary shelter there.  - - - The proposed BBMP’s new multi-storey building will come up on 15.64 acres, out of which, 7.82 acres of land will be allotted for commercial complexes. - - - The officials said the BBMP would get a 50 per cent share in the profits earned from this complexes. The private firm would bear the cost of the construction work and will maintain the building for 30 years.

For the full text of the report in the New Indian Express, click here.

The complex is coming up on the stretch of land shown as 'Rajendra Nagar' in the map. Hopefully, the project will clean up the area (which is messy currently), while also providing decent housing for the poor.

But, a question that the residents of Koramangala, who use the route regularly to reach Brigade/ MG road CBD, will be asking is "how is the narrow stretch of road through the Vivek Nagar/ Vannarpet area, which is unable to handle the traffic even as existing, going to be handling the huge traffic volume increases, once the commercial complex becomes functional?". Has the BBMP given thought to that?

Muralidhar Rao


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Everything in BBMP is a scam

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Everything in BBMP is a scam unless they can prove otherwise to the citizens. They are untrustworthy & since they do not believe in sharing reasons, data, designs etc with the citizens it should be considered a scam by all citizens of the city.

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It's happening!

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The decks have been finally cleared for the construction of 1,512 quarters for the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) at Ejipura near National Games Village in Koramangala.

The Karnataka High Court on Friday disposed of a PIL relating to the project after parties to the dispute, the original allottees and project proponent Msrs Maverick Holdings Pvt Ltd, submitted a joint memo. As per that, BBMP will hand over the vacant site measuring 15.64 acres to the project proponent by October 8. Before that, all those staying there have to be shifted. Those persons not willing to move to the temporary alternative site chosen by BBMP will be paid Rs 30,000 as financial assistance.

The project proponent will build 1512 quarters in 26 blocks, each having a nine-storey structure with two lifts each. The company must build these blocks on 7.25 acres in two years and new flats should be made available to original allottees in 30 months time after getting the occupancy certificate. In 1996, 1,512 persons were allotted flats. In 2003, after a couple of blocks caved in, all blocks were demolished and residents shifted to temporary sheds with the promise that the whole colony would be rebuilt.

For the full report in the ToI, click here.

This is the area (move the cursor to read EWS qtrs) we are talking about. The traffic it is going to generate is going to be huge, far more than the narrow stretch on the link road connecting to Victoria road can handle. And, going by the "stake-holder's" plans, accessible here, there are no plans to widen that stretch either. So, as far as Koramangalites are concerned, that route to M G Road area is going to be a write off for them.

Muralidhar Rao
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EWS who are they?

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was reading TOI today about the ejipura ews quarters being reads..

Ameena and her two children (son is a techie and daughter is a medical transcriptionist) have been living in the shantytown where the EWS quarters residents moved in after the structures started collapsing like a pack of cards. At least 1,500 families like Ameena's live there.

more here

This gets us to a fundamental question, what defines EWS..and if a person/family gets a EWS that for life? 

In Ejipura case, the original allotees of the houses have rented out the apprtments and living else where since many if the house is rented..shouldnt they automatically loose the EWS tag?

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Impact if logic is used elsewhere

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Why focus on EWS quarters only, what about the rampant corruption in BDA allotment.

What started off as an housing scheme specifically for people with no housing, is today a lucrative real estate industry. Today, all initial rules and regulations have been thrown in the wind. For example, look at HSR Layout, If the sites were allotted as per the rule (no other housing available for allottee), there would be no vacant site. But, there are plenty of sites available. All 'bought' with the sole intention of capitalizing on the real estate valuation.

I am sure there will a blog on this elsewhere in Praja.

Anyway focusing back on your question: (loosing EWS tag), I have been thinking the following.

On one hand, we can (fight and) have a law stating that such allotments need to be reviewed post a certing duration of time (say about 20 years) and realloted accordingly. However, that would be very tricky.

I see that there are 2 kinds of people. One, who lack ambition and continue to live a life of poverty. They continue to blame others and situation for their living condition. Second, who struggle and make efforts to get their kids to school for decent education and a brighter future. Hence, technically, the 2nd set of people need not be EWS in future once, they progress economically. But, by making progress, they could also lose out on renewal of allotment (in prime locality) in their name during next review. Thus, what is the incentive for their progress?   

Thus, does it make sense to review allotment for certain categories? comment guidelines

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