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Why this colour (non)-vary, BMTC?

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I am reproducing below a letter a friend had mailed to BMTC MD (

Dear Sir - Good day. This is to bring to your attention the new series of buses that are EURO 4 TATA that you have just introduced on the roads. I happened to travel by 360 B this afternoon to your office in Shantinagar and boarded at Check post . I would like to highlight the confusion here. There were two 360 B’s one behind the other one happened to be a stickered Volvo and the other the new RED bus. There is so much confusion because of painting this bus red .  People board this bus only to realize that it is not a Volvo or the other way around.
All other branded buses are identified by their color the BIG 10 being the most famous ,followed by the orange big connects  The silver suvarnas and the brown pushpaks and blue Jnnurm buses. This red coloration is leading to utter confusion. If you will recall some  years ago BMTC had taken a decision not to have Red buses on regular route’s. Only Volvos were red with the exception of the Kendre Sarige Buses
Kindly Instruct that the impending new fleet be either I the Blue JNNURM colours or Suvarna Colours so that this confusion is mitigated.

Indeed it's confusing, and I can't understand how and why BMTC does such things.

Muralidhar Rao


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These days, I see more and

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These days, I see more and more suvarna buses (with the light brown colour) acting as the big10 buses. I have observed this mostly on the G2 route, mostly because i travel frequently on this route. In a few instances, I have also seen the light green coloured buses going as regular buses as well.. 

Similarly, there were some light blue and orange coloured volvos, inntroduced as hop on hop off service (HOHO? ) which i guess didnt take off well.. now those buses are running as regular volvo buses, on the routes of the red volvo buses.. I have sen so many 500CA, 335E buses doing this! 

It wuld have been better if we could stick to the colour codes used for diferent services.. 


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Bus 'colour Veri'

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As a commuter, what matters to me is only the destination and the route.It makes no difference if it is Bigt 10 or Small 20. There can be colour code for buses as per fare structure, but for the same fare there is no need to confuse the commuter with such different gaudy colours which are only eye-sores.

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