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Prices do the trick to control traffic


Prices do what we can't other wise do!

Three cheers to higher fuel prices! :-)

Best solution to namma trafficu!

Private transport

 Recently the Govt of India has constituted the Kirit Parikh Committee to deregulate prices of petroleum products (diesel, petrol, kerosene, LPG).

Race Course to shift to Chikkjala

The Race Course (BTC) might get land and some tax concessions to shift to Chikkajala (on Bellary Road) toward the Airport.

This is a wonderful piece of news and amazing if it indeed makes the Turf Club move.

No polls for Sanjay Dutt


This is a proud day for India! Jai Bharat! No to criminals in politics! 

FAA downgrades Indian Civil Aviation

We have to pat ourselves on our backs! The Federal Aviation Authority of the US (FAA) has downgraded Indian Civil Aviation to Category 2 - a privelge we share with countries like Senegal and Nigeria!

Sankey Road to lose trees


The Arterial Sankey Road, from Cauvery Theatre Junction to Yeshwantpur Circle Junction is going to be widened and going to lose all the green cover it has. It is going to become a major disaster given that Sankey Tank and surrounding regions cannot withstand such a large amount of vehicular pollution.

Bangalore is ahead of Osaka!

Bangalore is ahead of Osaka, Japan in terms of Human Capital and next to Frankfurt, Germany in the same. It is one of the top 50 cities of the world, according to AT Kearney, Inc a consultancy and "Foreign Policy", a foreign policy magazine based in the US.

New Delhi and Mumbai are ahead of Bangalore in other rankings, but not in terms of Human Potential.

My experience with the subregistrar - lessons and tips

Our ancestral property in Malleswaram was to be split between our family. For this we had to approach the sub-registrar in Malleswaram.

The clerk at the office demanded "Rs 1 lakh" to do the job. My father is not well versed with using google well.

We want infrastructure but no taxes!

We the proud citizens of Namma Bengaluru, arguably having a higher Household Income on an average compared to the rest of India cry a lot for infrastructure.

Yet, we do not want to pay property taxes and to add insult to the injury want to pay abysmally low taxes. If we do not pay adequate property taxes, we cannot even have good infrastructure.

Taking Rain Water Harvesting more seriously


It is good that the BWSSB has finally realised that only about 50% of it's current water supply is metered and billed for. It is equally good to note that it has come down heavily on IBC Knowledge Park (the building hosting Accenture et al) on Bannerghatta Road for water theft.

2.94 crore cases pending!

Our judiciary, which can arguably be described as one of the least dsyfunctional organs of our nation (however slow). Still, it is overburded with 2.94 crore cases! That is about 29.4 million cases!

Urban and Real Estate Chaos - New urban policy on the anvil

We all know how chaotic the real estate scence is in Bangalore. Nearly 99% of all buildings have some violations of some sort. Some are totally gross blatant disregard for the law and while others happily add extra floors and compromise on setback area and parking areas.

How infrastructure projects get delayed and stopped


The ROB at Whitefield is delayed because of inability of the parties (tenderer and tenderee) to work out a commodity rise formula. As noted in the following article, because of unexpected and steep rise in steel and cement prices, the tenderee could not complete the project and had to cite force majeure clause.

3-day experiment reveals a lot

Public Transport
Source: Some positives, some negatives, IMO:


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