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Compensation for PRR Farmers in Bangalore

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Today ie., 14-08-2011, I have read an article in the TIMES OF INDIA on the quantum of compensation the Govt. of Karnataka is willing to pay to the farmers who have lost their pieces of land for the formation of Kempegowda Lay Out between Mysore Road and Magadi Road. The Govt. is willing to pay Rs. 1 crore for one acre of land acquired for the above purpose. Further, the compensation would be paid immediately without giving scope for the entry of any middlemen. How nice it sounds?

It is quite unfortunate that the poor farmers who have lost their land for the formation of Peripheral Ring Road has been running from pillar to  post since 2005 to get reasonable compensation.. It is eluding them even now. It is my opinion that what ever  compensation paid would not be adequate as they have waited too long and had undergone a lot of travails. However, at least now the Karnataka Govt. should come forward to pay compensation without any further delay. They should also keep it in mind that the formation of ROAD is more important and essential  than formation of a LAYOUT. I hope the New Karnataka Govt. would act quickly to settle the issue of compensation that satisfies the farmers.

- Dr. K.Kizar Mohamed, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.,


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Nice PRR, or the other half of PRR?

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Sir, compensation has not been paid for which PRR? Both? OR the East loop, work for which has still not started, and status on how much land has been acquired is not clear. BDA was putting acquisition notices for PRR till about 3-4 months ago, but no further news or notices after that.

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They should also keep it in

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They should also keep it in mind that the formation of ROAD is more important and essential  than formation of a LAYOUT

Road doesnt fetch them (official)revenue but layout does, that explains the prioritization. But the time for PRR is quickly passing. The more the delay the more harder & expensive it is going to get. Hyderabad has done a marvelous job with the ORR. There is a chance to put the zoning, town planning etc for the BMR region right now with the completion of the PRR & running of the commuter rails long the radials. Interchanges with commuter rail stations on the PRR junctions can be planned now. 

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Could the delay be "on-purpose"

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The value of land to be acquired goes up with time. Assuming that a lot of "netas or babus" would have already taken up land around PRR when the project was announced, delays only help to increase the value they will get for their "investment". So, could the delays be "artificial" and "on purpose"?

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Dear Prajayists,

I mean the PRR First Phase that goes from Hosur Road to Tumkur Road crossing Old Madras Road. BDA has announced that they are going to take up this Project first and then the Second phase. But, land acquisitions were done for both the phases. BDA has done a lot of work on this Project but the Governemnt has to take a decision on the enhanced compensation package proposal submitted by the BDA for the farmers who have lost their pieces of land for PRR.  It is very much expected from the new Govt. headed by the Honourable CM
Shri Sadananda Gowda to take immediate action on the proposal of BDA.

Further, a decision is to be taken on the TDR proposal also. The BDA Commissioner Shri Bharath Lal Meena has grandly announced in the month of June 2011 that the farmers would get TDR for the extent of land they have lost. It is also a good option for the farmers provided they are properly educated on the TDR. Their opting for the TDR depends upon their immediate financial need and the location of the land they have lost for PRR. The beauty is that the formation of the PRR is the crying need of the City and the Honourable CM should address this requirement on priority basis. Since the formation of PRR is linked to the payment of compensation either in the form of cash and alternative BDA site and in the form of issuance of TDR, Prajayists are requested to appeal to the Government to take up the resolution of this vexatious compensation issue immediately. Our country is changing for better due to the awarness created by the Print and Electronic Media so  the Govt. may take a vow on this 65th Independence Day to solve all the problems related to Infrastructure Development of this very crucial city which is famous for many things especially IT and Bio-technology. Development of Infrastructure will attract more and more foreign Investors to invest in this City and make the economy of our country vibrant.

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Dear Prajayists,

There is a News Item to-day in "The Hindu"  in which the one of the Honourable Judge of the Supreme Court stated that if the Government does not pay compensation for the land acquired within two years then the land will go back to the original owner. Will this principle of natural justice apply to the farmers who have lost their pieces of land for forming Peripheral Ring Road?

It is not two years but they have been waiting for more than six years without getting any compensation. If the above Judgement is delivered by the Honorable Supreme Court then justice will be done to the farmers who have lost their pieces of land for the formation of PRR.

Let us hope that at least now the Govt. of Karnataka settles the compensation issue so that the land will not go back to the people who have lost their land for PRR.

Dr.K.Kizar Mohamed

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If there is legal support

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If there is legal support then a memorandum should be able to solve this. Can you dig out the order or the legal support for the same? You will also have to support with actual cases which have violated this principle.

Here are the timelines per wiki

1)Priliminary notification 4(1) in gazette - start of process

2)Objections - 30 days from priliminary notification

3)Final declaration 6(2) - 3 years

4)Enquiry under 8 & 9 - undefined

5)Award - 2 years from Enquiry completion

6)Posession of the land -  After passing of the award, the Deputy Commissioner or any other competent authority may take possession of the land immediately

- The collector has to make the award under section 11 within a period of two years from the date of notification

- The government can abandon the acquisition proceedings by simply canceling the notification. However, in that case compensation has to be paid under Section 48(2)

- According to section 34, if there is delay in payment of compensation beyond one year from the date on which possession is taken, interest at the rate of 15 per cent per annum shall be payable from the date of expiry of the said period of one year on the outstanding amount of compensation till the date of payment

Per my understanding of the above process even if the award has been passed it is possible that the possession has not been taken but the interest is calculated from one year after the date of posession only not from the date of award. Another undefined timeline is the assessment & enquiry period

Looks like section 11 is faster, dont know where that applies.

BDA's PRR link is here

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Peripheral ring road, Bangaluru

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Since project is delayed, it will be better to change the alignment to take care of new areas developed later. Phase 2 should be scrapped all together as NICE road is available nearby. New alignment should now be worked out for phase I also. New notification may be required as per Supreme court guideline of two years for land acquisition? Is it true?

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