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 Dear Prjayists,

There is a lot discussion going on about the Road widening in Bangalore city and the compensation of TDR (Transferable Development Right Certificate) offered by the BBMP. TDR is a very good option for the land losers. As per KTCP Act if a person loses say 300 sft from his vacant site of 1000 sft and the permissible FAR is 3 in that area then he will get for his remaining portion of 700 sft a FAR of 3450 sft if he plans to construct a building in his own site provided the road width remains according to   rules. Otherwise he can use a part of the TDR / DRC( Development Right Certificate) in his site and sell the balance to others.

I think that the Government should enlighten the people properly as to the use and benefits of the TDR. It is very popular in America and in European countries. Even in Mumbai it is popular. Perhaps lack of knowledge makes the Bangaloreans resist. It is any one's knowledge that Roadwidening is done with a view to helping the people move freely and every one should come forward to help the Government to  successfully implement  the road widening measures as it is for the convenience of the Public. Public should remember that the Government has every right to acquire property in the public interest. Let us vow to make Bangalore a worthier place to live by extending our cooperation to the authorities.

Yours truly,

K.Kizar Mohamed



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