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Praja Campaign Supporting "AADHAR" !


According to today's newspapers, the unique identity "AADHAR" is going to be issued in Bengaluru in coming days.

Deccan Herald -

Karnataka, Lokayukta, Corruption!


A picture is worth a thousand words. Courtesy  - Deccan Chronicle

State of South Western Railways!

Commuter RailPublic Transport

Going through the minutes of the meeting for "Namma Railu Round Table Event at Cistup, IISc" last August 30, 2010, one get an interesting insight into mind and thinking of Railways. In this case, railways is represented by Bengaluru Division of South Western Railway.

Party HQ building without required permissions!

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

Bangalore Mirror carried a news item that the newly inaugurated BJP headquarter in Malleswaram is put to use without obtaining the necessary permissions - Occupancy and Fire Safety certificates.

Solving City's traffic problems - Govt/Babus OUT, Citizen IN

TrafficTraffic jams

Ruling dispensation busy in saving their skins, divided in camps, CM dosing one fire after the other. Opposition in total shambles and behaving like headless chickens. Babus calling shots and in most cases avoiding the obivious to save their careers.

UVCE Hostel - Abode for less than cattle class living

Every budding PUC (10+2) Physics/Mathematics student from Karnataka longs for joining the prestigious engineering institute - UVCE, if not for IITs and RECs. Students join this prestigious institute from nook and corner of the state.

Health of Indian Judicial System!


These are the days of 'Fight against Corruption". Suddenly the middle class has woken up from the deep slumber. The reaction is almost like the Earth has moved beneath them. Every sundry now is joining the bandwagon of 'Crusade Against Corruption'. I hope the Indian Middle class keeps the momentum and sustains the steam to fight this battle till the end.

Namma Metro - Play about the 'common' man in a globalised Bengaluru

Did any body watch the Drama Play 'Namma Metro', staged by We Move Theatre, a drama group based in Bangalore at the Seva Sadan auditorium in Malleswaram at 7 pm on 12th March?

Does Bengaluru need another Cricket Stadium?

Everything else

After our representatives vociferously vented their anger on ticket fiasco in recent India-England cricket match in Bengaluru, Karnataka chief minister Yeddyurappa had made an announcement that a new well-quipped cricket stadium would be built in the city.

Water Stress and scarcity!


We have heard about the word "Stress". Those of us who commute long distances often use this word to describe our frustrations on daily basis. Have we thought of phrase "Water Stress"?

Rent for Windsor Manor Hotel - Rs 5000 / month ?


GOK's Minorities Minister, Prof. Mumtaz Ali Khan has a reason to smile. After a long court battle to evict the Sheraton Group's Hotel 'Windsor Manor', finally the verdict has been given in favor of the Muslim Waqf Board.

BMTC Bus Day – It’s a date or live-in-relationship?

BusPublic Transport

On Feb 2nd, BMTC observed its first Bus Day anniversary and announced that Bus Day will be observed in other cities/towns like Mysore, Dharwar and Hubli. It was a subtle message that the monthly ritual of Bus day in Bengaluru would continue. I was very curious to know what BMTC is planning for this year as a result of one year learning via 12 Bus Days.

Namma Metro - Whose responsibility to look after the workers who build it?

Public Health

If CM is to be believed, Namma Metro will start chugging on Phase-1 route very soon. Der Aye Durust aye (Better late than never). WE all are witness to the making of Metro in B'lore. We all saw how the construction progressed. Even we made noises when trees were cut to make the way for Metro line. I believe this is price we might have to pay for growth and newer development needs.

Karnataka - Governance going down hill?


All indicators in the arena of political and governance canvas in Karnataka points to one thing - A Big down hill in terms of governance, growth and quality of life. No day passes without any money swindling scams reported from rival political parties.

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