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Commuter Rail - Email Campaign !

Commuter Rail

RITES report is out. Time for action. Shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to send one. Here is a sample of the email that I had sent to various people. You may send this petition to these email addresses:

Government Of India

Union minister of Urban Development -

Union minister of Railways -

How do we calculate Congestion on roads?

Traffic jams

B'lore has about 4200 Km road length including arterial roads which is about 20-30%. For argument sake, lets consider all the 4200 km length as major commuter carriage way.

Where is Namma Railu Today?

Commuter Rail

Do you know where our Namma Railu is?

It seems Namma Railu is stuck at DULT station. The much awaited RITES final report is ready. No nobody knows what is holding up at DULT?


Here is a depiction of Namma Railu's journey so far!


What is the truth of Narayanpura Metro Station ?

Metro Rail

On Metro's R1 Extension from Biappanhalli to Whitefield, about 14 metro stations are being proposed and Naryanpura station is one among them.

Promise of Bengaluru Graduate Constituency election candidates!

Urban Development

May be it is too late to write this post, as the election day for Bengaluru Garduate Constituency is today - June 10th, 2012. Still chance to go out and vote if you are already registered. Pls do vote if you can.

There are total 16 candidates in fray for this MLC seat spread accross Bangalore Urban, Bangalore Rural and Ramanagaram MLA constituencies. Noted among them are:

Law Fraternity Fails - 18-Year old argues her own case in HC!

18-year old Radhika Garg from Ullal was forced to argue her own case in High Court after her lawyers opted out without citing any reasons. She not only managed to argue her own case, but managed to get an investigation instituted.

Mehkri Circle - 75 yrs gone, Junction that still embodies the philanthrophic deed of a responsible citizen!


About 75 years ago, a ordinary citizen and a merchant by name Enayathullah Mehkri built something that is still remembered by people for his noble act. Until that time, 1937, the place we all know today as Mehkri Circle (it is circle no more) was like a junction like any other junction where 4 roads meet.

Elements of Discipline and Safe Driving!


I must confess that for long as millions like others, I too had considered the Knowledge of signs would suffice to instill a sense of driving discipline on roads. Having come to US, where apart from the rudimentary knowledge of road signs, there are other important skills that one needs to acquire and practice it for a true discipline driver.

Buses to Ply on Avenue Road finally after 4 decades?

BusPublic Transport

Avenue Road, Mysore Bank, India Coffee House, Subhas Book Store, Old books, Khadi Bhandar? Do these landmarks rings bell?

I sure am all the college students specilaly engineering students and old timers like Murali Sir, Me (even though much younger) would certainly can connect all these. Why is Avenue road in our dicussions?

Autorikshaw Refusals - Share your story!

BusPublic Transport

A day is not passed when we are not encountered with situations wherein 'Autorikshaw Driver' refuses to take us. Sometimes it becomes so unbearable that could make one angry at every auto in the sight.

Triumph on Polio - Something to Cheer about?

Everything else

Photo Courtesy - The Hindu

Vote for School Of Economics In Bengaluru!

Dear Prajagalu,

Wishing all of you a happy, prosperous, peaceful and productive new year. May your wishes get the wings.

These days the the plans for establishing school of economics in Bengaluru is making headlines. Headlines are more to do with the controversy than details of the project and cost/benefit analysis.

Study - Water Conservation only way forward!


According to, DNA India, a recent study by former senior geologist KC Subhash Chandra and senior geologist GV Hegde with the state department of mines and geology, once again fortifies the fact that 'Water Conservation' is the only way forward for Bengaluru's water ne

Autorickshaw - Case for a decent service and good business model!

Public Transport


Mere mention of word 'Auto' starts ringing the bell of many different voice. Don't these voices sound familiar?

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