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State Government, MPs, MLAs least interested in improvement of Railways in Karnataka!

"Injustice to Karnataka"

"Step Motherly Treamtment"

"Center ignoring Karnataka"

This is just the tip of our frustrations on having deplorable railway infrastructure in the Karnataka state. These are the tag lines that hog headlines in the newspaper every year after Railway Budget is presented. Is there any truth in it?

Rajya Sabha MP Prof. Rajeev Gowda reaches out to Railway Minister for Namma Railu

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As promised, a dear friend of us, Prof. Rajeev Gowda, Rajya Sabha MP has reached out to the NW Railway Minister Shri. Suresh Prabhu in New Delhi on last Friday Dec 12, 2014.

In Prof. Rajeev Gowda's words,

Namma Railu - Impact on De-Congestion of City Roads and Enviornment

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Imagine one day you woke up and sat down to have your favorite hot filter coffee while trying read thru the morning newpaper. Later you realized coffee has spilled on your clothes after reading these headlines. A miracle that you can believe to be true.

Decongesting roads to Whitefield - Moving cars or People?


In past few weeks there have been lot of news on social media as well as in print /electronic media on attempts to provide that little relief to daily commuters travelling on Whitefield-CBD areas of Bengaluru City. There seems to be 2 distinct attempts and efforts for decongesting roads that leads to Whitefield from City Centers.

Public Perception Survey on Public Transport and Suburban Rail Service for Bengaluru

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Praja-RAAG is conducting a public survey on Public Perception about 'Public Transport' and 'Suburban Rail Service' in Bengaluru. It is a simple 10-point questionnaire requiring not more than 5 Minutes of your time.

BNY's Political Internship Program - My observations!


"Bangalore Needs You" a non-profit organization run by Prof. Rajeev Gowda, for time to time conducts internship programs on different aspects of public life. In the past months or so it ran a 3 Week "Political Action Internship" program  at its office located in Church Street.

Electoral Roll for 2014 Lok Sabha elections - Updated as of March 26, 2014!


The Updated Karnataka State electoral rolls for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections has been published on state election commission website. Here is the link for the list.

Elections 2014 - Manifesto for Bengaluru !


Come April 17th, people of Bengaluru city along with other districts across the state will be exercising their right to elect their political representatives to represent them in the temple of largest democracy - Parliament.

Welcoming 2014 with 2013 Accomplishments!

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On behalf of Praja-RAAG (Research, Analysis and Advocacy Group), I wish you all a "Happy, Prosperous and Productive 2104".

Like previous years 2013 was also an eventful year with many accomplishments achieved by the ordinary souls and minds of Praja members and their friends. Let us welcome 2014 with the achievements of 2013.

Bangalore's Development - Who is incharge?

Since the new government has taken charge, no week passes without hearing some news or the other about new works to develop Bengaluru city.

Source - The Hindu

What has PM to do with 'Binny Mill Land'?

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Who owns the Binny mill Land? is it a private land? Is it belongs to Central Govt?

You all must be wondering why I am asking this question. In today's news in TOI, it is reported that CM is taking a all party delegation to PM to get the Binny mill Land.

Bus Day Fever - Petroleum Ministry to observe every Wednesday as 'Bus Day'


Who had thought that one day 'Bus Day' observance will go places. Though in Bangalore it has relegated to a monthly ritual, since Feb 2010, it has been tried in many cities including Chennai, Cochin etc.

State Govt Jobs - Why not go for recruitment every year?


Source - Deccan Herald

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