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GOK to develop 8 towns to decongest Bangalore

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Source - Deccan Herald

The State Cabinet on Thursday gave its nod to implement a project aimed at decongesting Bangalore City by developing eight small towns around it at a cost of Rs 2,100 crore - a move seen as an attempt by the ruling BJP to please the electorate in the State capital ahead of the Assembly elections.

Briefing reporters after the Cabinet meeting, Urban Development Minister Suresh Kumar said the Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation (KUIDFC) had identified eight clusters around Bangalore where the project would be implemented keeping in view future growth.  

The eight clusters are: Ramanagar-Channapatna, Kanakapura, Nelamangala, Doddaballapur, Anekal, Devanahalli-Vijayapura, Hoskote and Magadi. Major industrial areas close to these clusters are also included under the project. These towns come under the Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority (BMRDA) limits.

The minister said all necessary infrastructure facilities like underground drainage, drinking water supply, solid waste management system, stormwater drains and mass rapid transit system will be provided under the project, ensuring organised and planned development.

I hope they understand what it means by "mass rapid transit system".

The KUIDFC has planned to avail a loan of Rs 1,400 crore from the Asian Development Bank and the State government will chip in with the remaining Rs 700 crore to implement the project. A detailed project report will be prepared soon and submitted to the ADB, seeking loans, he said.

So, approval first, project plans comes later?

Of the 28 Assembly constituencies in Bangalore Urban district, the BJP had won 16, the Congress 11 and the JD(S) one in the 2008 polls. Hence, keeping the electorate in good humour is important for the ruling party.

It will also greatly help ease the mounting pressure on Bangalore City. It is estimated that the population in the BMRDA limits is expected to reach 1.8 crore by 2030 from the current 1.1 crore, he explained.

Aren't we saying these things for last 5 years since the govt came into power in 2008? Isn't the Namma Railu proposal made this realization?

GOK, you have realized the political potential of such social good now after 5 years? Even now it is not too late. Do it sincerely, in a transparent way, consider all the proposals that were made in last 5 years and we will support you in this endeavor.

Let this not be an election frenzy announcements.



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Isn't Namma Railu the natural choice?

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No one would have any reason to oppose such visions and plans if the real intent is real growth and progress of these towns. As they say devil is in the details, details of the reported "mass rapid transit system" would be of interest to prajagale.

Wouldn't Namma Railu becomes the natural choice for transit system system?

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Nothing new, but ...

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Nothing new. Thoughts have been floating around for a long time. Last time similar announcements were made was back in 2003, under the wings of BMRDA. But, clear mention of  "Mass rapid transit system" is definitely the most notable aspect of this new "round" of promises for the satellite towns.

This could be good news for Namma Railu. I feel that this could be it, Commuter Rail is most likely around the corner. Assuming half of 2100 Cr for transit system, you are looking at ~ 1000 Cores, number is very close to phase 1 / phase 2 asks in RITES report!?


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If you see the recent announcements around LRT, they are planning to connect PRR on Magadi road to the city with LRT. Doesnt really make any sense!

So we should not be surprised if they announce Metro connectity for this case!

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Not necessaryily, Namma Railu!

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Though I appreciate your optimism on Namma Railu, but 'Mass rapid transit system' doesn't necessarily means, Namma Railu. In pragmatic sense that should be the meaning of it, but when you piece together the pieces of the puzzle (communication from babus), you end up figuring out that it is actually means "Metro" or any other mass transit system other than NR.

If you pay attention to word "rapid", would conclude differently. NR aka CRS is not considered as "Rapid" transit system, but Metro is.

I tend to have the same apprehensions as Srinidhi has. First you moot other fancy systems, spend some money, make some reports and after few months suddenly you replace this with the "Metro" extension on such routes. Airport connectivity by HSRL is an example in point.

If you piece replacement of HSRL and announcement of 3rd Phase of Metro should give us the direction in which this will also go. comment guidelines

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