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Cycle Tracks in Jaynagar - Residents unaware?

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Cycle Tracks in Jayanagar, We have discussed this umpteen times. We have also discussed about how these tracks have become the parking spaces for other vehicles. Who should be held responsible? Govt ? Babus? Citizen's?

This DNA newspaper report makes it more interesting.

One major lacunae in the project seems to be the fact that a number of people claim they do not know what the symbols on the track mean.

“I thought it was some kind of a political party symbol. There should be more awareness about a project that is so new to our country,” said one resident who did not wish to be named.


One driver, A Raju, had parked on one of the crossroads in Jayanagar Third Block right over the cycle track. He said he did not know that he was not allowed to park over the tracks. “I didn’t know it was a cycle track and I can’t park. And there are other vehicles parked here, so I didn’t know that I was making a mistake,” he added. He parked his vehicle elsewhere once he learnt about the cycle tracks.

This comment from an architect is interesting.

On the other hand, Pramod C, an architect, did not think it was necessary for him to follow the rules even though he knew that this was a cycle track. His argument was: “No one uses the track. I have seen dedicated tracks for autos and buses in Chennai and they are used by autos and buses. Although the tracks are here, no one uses and I need the parking space.”

This quote summarizes the state of our civic amenities and our sensitivities towards better living. It seems if I can move around easily, that is sufficient. I don't need to care about others. Why should I?

Vijaykumar, an autodriver, also parked on the cycle track but admitted that he knew what the tracks were meant for. “There are no proper footpaths for people, now why even bother with cycle tracks!” he quipped.


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Residents are aware about the cycle lanes..atleast most of them..however there is a sense of indifference..

As we know we are a society which is very high on ego's and status symbols matter a great it doesnt matter or rather people prefer to take a range rover to get kothambari!

Some serious campaigns to get regular potential users like school children to get on the streets with their bikes is needed..probably this can happen by getting to schools and spread the message with the help of teachers..

But still questions on security on cycle lanes marked with just paint comes up..but going by the philosophy on which the jayanagar lanes were put up..there needs to be 'strength in numbers' comment guidelines

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