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Easing BTM - SILKBOARD bottle neck !

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Dear All,
ELCIA have been successful in getting improvements on Silk Board to E-city and beyond with elevated road and flyovers on ORR. Today the real bottle neck is BTM, silk board and Madiwala. This requires out of the box solution acceptable to all stake holders. They have requested associations of ORR, ITPL and WHEELS.,

Can I request you all to please share just ONE LINE OR within 250 WORDS a OUT OF THE BOX idea.,we will consolidate the ideas and discuss with the concerned officers and come back with the idea which is the BEST OUT OF THE BOX idea received.

Eg :
1. Have feeder buses from silkboard to only every 5 minutes.
2. Service roads to be used ONLY by BUSES from Silkboard to / Bommasandra

Viswanath Seetharam


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plenty on PRAJA already

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Prajagalu have given plenty of thought to the matter in the past. If you search with "silkboard", you'll get a list of them. One such post can be accessed here

Muralidhar Rao
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signal cycles and intersecting roads

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I am a daily traveller in this stretch. Signal cycles are too long and 3 cycked have to be waited twice for adjoining traffic and one long orr traffic. If the right turn traffic on orr could be avoided waits can be reduced. Right turning traffic should take turn at silkboard or advaitha bunk.
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Develop other routes joining after silkboard?

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Sometimes easing up a main road, happens when you repair the smaller roads around. Many a time, the smaller lanes have a carrying capacity of one or two lanes on the main road.

I have seen this happening on whitefield main road. Recently, the village roads connecting the whitefield main road to outer ring road (there are some two or three of them) were dug up for some BWSSB work, and the traffic block on the whitefield main road just shot up! The Hoodi - Krpuram stretch which used to take around 20 minutes a few weeks back can now take an easy 45 minutes .. According to me, these small roads used to carry traffic equivalanet to one or two lanes of whitefield main road, and suddenly you find all of them on the main road..

I am not a frequent traveller towards electronics city, and cannot comment on the existence of such small roads around silkboard. Prajagalu can pitch in with some ideas!

I believe that the way to improve silkboard junction might be not focussing on the junction itself, but on the infrastructure around that area


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Problems for botteleneck Huge

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Problems for botteleneck

Huge Concentration of people boarding into public transport, Company Cabs, Private, Company buses which stop mid of road

Large number of 2/4 wheelers

Conventration of traffic comming from Baneerghhata , JP Nagar, Jayanagar side

Merging of traffic from by lanes and blocking on main road



Make Service lanes and parallel by lanes towards Madivala as one way and madatory for two wheelers only (most of time 4 wheels get struck and so  flow of traffic)

Create / Extend lake side  road towards ec along lake and then connect Hosur rd in rupenagrahara so all traffic comming from lake road and going towards ec take free u turn under flyover. 

Ban All bus stops for public, private along the strech for big vechicals, Shift to bigger stops all along hosur rd, Madivala rd, orr after silk jn and ply smaller bmtc cabs with regular interval from these places to shifted bus stops

Prevent all mergeing traffic to ORR from by lane or regulate with traffic police





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Buses in and out of the box!

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I strongly opine we need to build single lane (4-5m wide) magic underpasses on both sides of the road at the signals exclusively for buses. Two advantages

- Clear seggregation of traffic. Busses travel on 'their lane' betwen junctions.

- Faster public transport means lesser traffic in the long run. Ratio of time taken by bus wrt car should be 1, instead of twice or trice now.


-Srivatsava V

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Most of the infrastructure

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Most of the infrastructure development have been favoring the the road users especially car users, but on closer look, even the roads have not been devloped to full potential. First point is there are no parellel roads to main arterial roads. Whichever road is considered, they dont have a parallel road within the city, like Old Madras road, Hosur road, or actually no road has an alternative road to take the load off I believe.

The reason is probably land aquisition difficulty. But that is not not an excuse at all.  These should be included in the master plan.  As I have already said in other comments, the city needs to impose blocks. No continuous plots should exceed the size of a city block.  There are unnecessarily large plots held by schools, colleges, and of course military and PSUs and other companies because of the past decisions. The govt should persuade them to rationalize the size of the land with them. The govt have been acquring large parcels of land in the villages, then why not in the city? Maybe it is the case of being a commercial capital and administrative capital with too many influential people. But that is the only way to have a more logical road development.

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agree with abidpqa

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I strongly agree with abidpqa. If we take example of Jayanagar which has many blocks with good network of rds we never see huge traffic on main rds.
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Traffic curbs at BTM Layout

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The City traffic police have imposed traffic restrictions at BTM Layout to ease congestion between 100 feet Ring Road Circle and Silk Board Circle.

Vehicles coming from BTM 16th main usually take a right turn at the 29th main road junction causing severe traffic congestion on the 29th main road. To rectify this, the City traffic police have banned the right turn at the junction. These vehicles have to take a left turn at 27th main road and take a right turn at the first cross BTM Stage I and take a right turn again to connect to the 29th Main Road.

The City traffic police have also banned parking of vehicles on the roads between BTM Stage I, 27th main road and 29th main road. All these restrictions will come into force on September 1.

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sky-walks to aid pedestrian traffic

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Indicated in the ppt slides here are the Mumbai type sky-walk routings I would suggest for Silk Board junction, one to the North and the other to the South.

With this, feeder buses from BTM layout, Jayanagar, etc, as also 500 series BMTC buses approaching the junction from Jayadeva circle side, can drop off people opposite the Silk Board office (where the sky-walk begins), take a U-turn below the fly-over, pick up people headed in the opposite direction from the sky-walk drop-off point (again opposite Silk board office), and move on.

The people who have alighted, and are headed for Electronic city, can cross over and take the high frequency BIG-10 services.

The problem with dedicated services for IT industry, provided by BMTC, is poor frequency, whereby, if you miss your bus, you may as well stay back home. Apart from that is the matter of the deprival of the ordinary bus users of their regular services by this diversion of buses, which is not seen too kindly by them, as can be seen in this debate.

What is needed is merging of all parallel routings into the Big-10 corridors (as Dr Ashwin Mahesh has repeatedly been suggesting), for increased frequency, and equally high frequency feeder services feeding into the Big-10 corridors. A schematic depicting this is brought out here, and a typical commute using public transport is detailed here. While this could entail an extra trip (switch from one bus to another) for the commuter, it will ensure a much faster commute overall. The switch-over needs to be facilitated, like by having the sky-walks as in the picture, apart from good bus shelters.

Muralidhar Rao
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16th Feb Citizen's Traffic Forum meeting extracts - 4

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Extracts from the record notes of the proceedings of the 10th Citizen's Traffic Forum (sometimes it is referred to as Traffic Advisory Committee - TAC) Meeting held on 16-02-2013

Addl CP, Traffic stated that many right and U-turns were cancelled on Bangalore City roads. Ban of right turn at Silk Board junction, 29th Main has resulted in smooth flow of traffic. BDA has been requested to give one-lane from Silk Board junction to Jayadeva Flyover to ease the traffic flow. Members of the Committee suggested that concerned agencies may be instructed to asphalt Hosur Road. 

I had dwelt on the need for sky-walks at this junction, which I thought was an equally urgent.

Muralidhar Rao
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easing BTM - Silk board bottle neck

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Build parallel roads to the existing one. This is the main arterial road connecting residential areas like BTM, Jayanagar (different blocks), J.P.Nagar (different phases), Banashankari (different stages), Bannerghatta Road to the official areas on ORR and beyond. With more official space coming around in the next few days, God save the people using this stretch.

Build parallel and wide roads -- like Begur road towards Bannerghatta Road, J.P.Nagar, so that there is atleast traffic diversion. 

Have skywalks so that pedestrians can cross the various roads meeting this junction peacefully.


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