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Karnataka - Governance going down hill?

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All indicators in the arena of political and governance canvas in Karnataka points to one thing - A Big down hill in terms of governance, growth and quality of life. No day passes without any money swindling scams reported from rival political parties. Really one would have to wonder whether the present state government dispensation posses any political will and professional acumen to discharge their responsibilities. These assertions are not based on any figment of imagination but hard concrete evidences that are out in public.

I would like to share something that was got reported in Deccan Chronicle. This is a story about Top national level leaders from state ruling party's assessment of their ministerial lieutenants performance and their personal indulgences in providing the leadership and direction to their respective ministry and department in the state of Karnataka.

Courtesy - Deccan Chronicle

Gadkari, Jaitley give pep talk to Yeddyurappa, ministers

"...Party national president, Nitin Gadkari and Opposition leader in the Rajya Sabha, Arun Jaitley tried to make ministers and Chief Minister to think out-of-the-box to give good governance to Karnataka. However, several party functionaries expressed doubt over the effect of this pep talk in bringing about changes among ministers.

During the interaction ministers were given three-to-four minutes and were asked questions to ascertain the level of understanding of their departments. The women and child welfare minister, C.C. Patil could not give details on the level of malnutrition level in the state. The water resources minister, Basavaraj Bommai tried to dodge a question on agriculture growth rate, however, the leaders told him irrigation is the key component for increasing the agriculture growth. Public works minister, C.M. Udasi was told that roads in the state were not in good condition. The top brass cautioned the ministers that over dependence on bureaucrats may cause havoc in their respective departments..."

This state of status quo and down hill of basic governance doesn't auger well for the people of Karnataka. The days are not too far, even Bihar will over take our state in terms of overall growth, decent infrastructure and basic governance. Already Bihar roads are touted for shaming roads in Mumbai.



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Shame that people are sitting by watching incompetent representatives who dont even understand their job let alone perform in it. Citizens should demand parties to show that they have competent candidates to perform cabinet roles before standing for elections.

We should stay away from MLAs who promise to fix your garbage (its not their job) and instead vote people who show understanding & competence to legislate & govern from VS.

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Whom to vote in the next round?

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 I was also surprised at the above news when Gadkari came down to Bangalore. I only wish at least BJP should not have been so vulgar in supporting Yeddi. On the other hand they should have warned him to get over the bad patch in right earnest. May be there were obvious constraints. 

My problem is whom should Karnataka vote in the next election? Congress and JDS are also equally shameless. Loksatta perhaps? Independents are a joke. Is two party system like in US better?

With all this, one need not despair. India is going to be in no 1 position economically by 2039. By then India will have the largest young productive population who will be joining the electorate by then.

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look for alternatives

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Loksatta perhaps?

Say that loud, Sir! Check  -

Muralidhar Rao
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Watch the corruption survey from CMS

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An NGO published results of their survey on perception of corruption in public services, and the numbers there only confirmed that Karnataka is amongst the top corrupt states in our country today. Can't get hold of a link to the NGO website right now, hope someone else can.

BJP has definitely missed a great opportunity here. 1 year is all it takes to get things moving in the right direction (Bihar example, 2007 was that year), BJP can still do it if they get time off from making personal fortunes or internal bickerings.

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HD Kumaraswamy has emerged as the most popular candidate.................????????

Decline in Corruption

India Most  Corrupt

Is corruption increasing or declining..........?????


Came across this article where even in 2007 Karnataka was high in corruption for BPL families who really need the resources & help of the governenment

TII-CMS India Corruption Study - 2007

Found This link which points to the CMS Survey but was not able to get the the report....  :(

India Corruption Study 2002-09

Have sent an email to send a copy of the report will upload if i get a response from them.



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HDK - Any less corrupt ?

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I read the same DNA report. Perhaps the perceptions of people surveyed were very anti-BSY at the time with the current allegations. I think HDK is no better & appears to have been "less corrupt".

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Job Creation under MGNREGS

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If the report on state performance on MGNREGS is to be blieved, Karnataka seems to enjoy the last in the list title. Tiny and smaller states like Tirupura has done better.

"...S R Hiremath, state adviser to Food commissioners appointed by the Supreme Court, said: “It is no secret that Karnataka is one of the worst-performing state when it comes to MGNREGS. The government has shown no sensitivity in implementing the scheme.”

Besides government apathy, Hiremath has also cited rampant corruption as one of the impediments to the implementation of employment guarantee scheme.

“Recently corruption was detected at Harapanahalli where bogus records were created. Moreover, work was undertaken using machines instead of manual labour under the scheme. That is not allowed under MGNREGS,” he added..."

For more read here

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