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No one wants to go in City Buses

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CITY BUSES ARE SO much full and even girls or old people will not get a seat. And who wants to go to ITPL or Electronic city or Yellahanka or Penya how will they go soon at 8 o clock office hours. Only some of the IT sector people have flexible hours, and still IT sector does not have work from home option, very few companies have work from home option.

So, every one does not want to go on city buses.. what is the problem?

No one wants to go in their 2 wheeler for 1 hours or 2 hours ride to far away locations either,,

This is all because 

1. Population, Indian population has grown like anything. It is not exceptional to Bangalore.. it is there everywhere.. every city even every town of India.. so do not bother that we are only suffering with the population, if you go to  a theater, you will not get a ticket, if you go to hotel, you will not get a seat.. why? only population. India did not worked towards growing population.

2. Even parents of girl child does not want to send them in busses, I know that in many busses, boys tease girls, so better buy a 2 wheeler they think or go in a auto and spend some more money for their safety.. 

3. Even old people can not travel , because buses are full and they can not even stand, forget about humanity , no one think old or young, no one give you seat.

So, every one think , if they have some money then can buy a  2 wheeler or 4 wheeler.. so we can not blame any one. Its all because of population and no one care about anyone else..

Our plant is going to perish soon.. watch the movie WALL-E - how we will become in few years or decades, our children or grand children will suffer a lot.

4. So what should we do..??? is promoting buses and trains.. will this will help??

5. I recommend , all the IT companies should give freedom for flexible hours

all IT companies should give their employees to work from home as every one have internet now -a - days in home , every one have laptops or a desktop in home.

so that we can reduce few people travelling far away places.

Other people who work or study have to travel , there is no chance to work from home.

6. Trains are better then Buses. You can have more trains from yellahanka to Electronic city

Electronic city to ITPL, ITPL to yeshwanthapur etc.. 

7. Please suggest good replacements as our metro (namma metro) may take time because of different causes, we can expect only after 10 years to cover the above places.


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the topic starts

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the topic starts somewhere-when it says people dont want to travel by bus there must be a reason behind why you have said so-but your comment has  been based on population and various other factors aimed at something else-If no body wants to travel by city buses then why are city buses always full-and what a comparision between elders and girsl not getting a seat-so men not getting a seat is a no-issue?

I think you are not familiar with geography or rail road of Bangalore-How can someone start a rail link between and ITPL when both the places are atleast 5-10 kms away from existing railway tracks?


You claim to be a well disciplined driver of United states-well thats what someelse has to credit you and you cannot credit yourself-why should India become another US-should we also aim at destruction and looting other nations? Every nation must have its own identity-India only needs to improve-not become another Useless State

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reason and answer

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The reason partly lies here, and the answer perhaps here

Muralidhar Rao
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2 hours flexible

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IT companies give flexible timings upto 2 hours, but not more than that.. not possible to give work from home for most projects

ITPL is covered by metro phase 2 recently approved. comment guidelines

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