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KPCC - Public consultation for manifesto

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KPCC Professionals Cell is organizing a conference with the purpose of seeking views and opinions of the electorate in drafting our election manifesto. The first effort of its kind by any political party we have invited representatives from the civil society, industry associations and RWAs to participate in this program. Senior leaders of the party will interact with the audience on the occasion.

We take this opportunity to invite you, your friends, family and colleagues to participate in large numbers such that this mission will be accomplished. Details of the program as below:

Date: Saturday the 30th of March, 2013
Time: 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm
Venue: Hotel Citadel, Sheshadri Road (near Anad Rao Cirlce), Bangalore

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Best Regards,

About KPCC Professionals Cell:

We started as a handful of professionals serving various corporates and running our businesses, who like most of the people, were aware that a few correctable issues are inordinately hindering the growth of our nation. Rather than being mute spectators to this crisis, we decided to own up to the obligation of serving our nation. Since we are a group of people with diverse professional competence from a variety of industries, it’s possible for us to make intellectual contributions to the programs and policies of the government. However, it is not possible to do so effectively, by being apolitical since it contradicts the very principles of democracy. It is but obvious that our private lives and professional careers make up our priority. Hence, we make a reasonable cut back on the time we spare for our entertainment and relaxation during weekends. Collectively, this garners enough man months that propels this think tank.. 


Disclaimer - and its think tank Praja-RAAG remains party neutral and  issue oriented. Will work work with anybody who can make things happen.


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Note to admin

Not able to create an event, the wheel keeps spinning at the "where?" JS & consequently the save button remains disabled.

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my report

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Sathya and I attended this session. What was interesting was there were close to a hundred or more professionals, largely the youth (from companies like IBM, Accenture, etc, a few entrepreneurs, chartered accountants, etc) in attendance too. Mr Sudarshan Mantri (no connection with Mantri builders), the President, Professional Cell, KPCC, had included many points from PRAJA blogs, in his manifesto listings, in his introductory presentation, and specifically mentioned this too. Prof Rajeev Gowda, who apparently has a key role in preparing the manifesto, added that, when attempting to prepare a manifesto, amongst the first things he does is to go on to PRAJA (we are honoured, Prof). Later too, when the question of faster connectivity between Bangalore and its hinterland came up, during the interaction session, Prof Gowda again mentioned our "Namma Railu" proposition as a very promising one.

Prof Gowda, as well as Mr Mantri said all the right things that such an audience would want to hear. But, so do most of the erudite Congressmen too, like Mr Shashi Tharoor here. But, when election approaches, apparently, they have all to hark back to being politically correct - Isn't that what this Food Security Bill all about?

To a query from me as to whether the Congress would apply the "criminal charges" filter when selecting its candidates, all Prof Gowda could offer was an embarrassed smile. I feel sorry that such a highly qualified (both educationally and political legacy-wise, too) person does not seem to carry sufficient clout in the party - reflects poorly on it, by my reckoning.

Muralidhar Rao
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My update

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To a point by Rajeev Gowda that MLA's want to do the right thing, I mentioned that they should set up some kind of a center of excellence which can keep in touch with the public on a regular basis & also advise the MLA's who need to know what/how to do. He did mention various committees exist for various issues.

I left it there as a suggestion but I doubt committees would have an overarching public consulting & feedback scope to it. Maybe the KPCC Professionals Cell (KPCCPC) can be that organization conducting public feedback & taking it to the party. Can they make it mandatory for all kinds of MLA's to then listen to them for agenda setting? Time will tell & its too early to judge them as they need to create a critical mass inside the party to be able to call the shots. 

I would be dissapointed of they give up this model of public consultations after elections. Staying committed to outcomes regardless of the efforts of this election will be the key to demonstrating trustability.

Short term for the election manifesto I recommend all on Praja pour in their comments here & they can take it up. Let me go first I will stick to some I know of... applies to all cities but I keep Bengaluru in mind as I write these

1. Take a comprehensive look at the urban transportation policy & prioritize the decision making process based on the Sustainable transport commission of UK recommendations. Compare this with NUTP & promise specific NMT orientation. A committment to how much NMT modal share they will achieve and what timeline will be admirable.

2. Take up commuter rail as a project for Bengaluru that the people want & commit to pushing it thru the corridors of the Railways ministry until completion.

3. Committment to 24/7 water supply which includes identifying new sources of water other than Cauvery & also utilizing PPP model to overhaul network, technology & reduce unaccounted for water to single digits. Timeline for the same

4. Committent to identifying alternative sources of electricity including stating MW goals thru solar & also a timeline for the same.

5. Committment to preventing environmental degradation by reducing pollution especially SPM 2.5 & 10. Redevloping areas with low green cover & lung space to increase both. Stopping sewage inflow into lakes completely & using them for storing usable water

6. Committment to improve public health by assuring low cost medical coverage for poor in each ward & providing sporting facilities in each ward to maintain health.

Since this is a public list any party should be willing to adopt .

Like Murali I am sad that well meaning people like the guys on the dias yesterday dont have clout in the party. Unless senior KPCC leaders stand up & support them they can be assured the educated populace of the state will ignore this party for good. Some of them didnt even bother to turn up for an hour & lend a helping hand to this team, sad leadership in the party really.

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Post for demands/suggestions is already there!

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Sathya, Murali,

Your assesment of KPPC-PC's clout doesn't surprise me. This is is nothing new to KPCC alone, the disease runs deep in every political formations.

There is a post alraedy open here for posting election demands - .

You and others are wlecome to add your demands.

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