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Risks of Entrepreneurship in Bangalore

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This is how small business is encouraged in Bangalore. The world needs to see how we encourage people to do business & create jobs. And if you thought this was a one off case, talk to any small business owner about how many people come to their doorstep & feel entitled to take money from them without any compunction.

"Avvai while admitting in a statement that she had indeed taken Rs15,000 as bribe from an eatery owner, Channegowda, but that it was to grant his establishment a licence, openly threatened him saying that she would “take care of him” once she was out of jail"



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Our elected representatives

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Our elected representatives are behaving splendidly. They are providing able leadership in ethics & governance. Let us imprision a petty pickpocket for stealing from us at knifepoint while our corporators can extort at will with the same knife. They are providing a license in return see? so they are entitled. IPC probably only applies to extortionists who are not corporators or legislators. The citizens should watch keenly how the court & fellow leaders will treat such esteemed people.

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both are from congress but..

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its the same case with all parties..imagine what the rest of the goondas would be upto!

Even filing RTI's seems to be a scary affair looking at Lingaraju being murdered over it!

BBMP is spending way too much money for all the useless jobs they are upto..and have made a mafia..its time to shut it down completely..

Corporation needs to be directly run by a good efficient team with all powers and let them put good processes every around and then hand over it back to politicos if at all needed..

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Foot path business

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There are foot path businesses every where in Bangalore. However, only a few of these come to public notice. 

Is it high time that a call is taken on this issue to legalize it? 

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sorry for duplication - @ PSA sir, IDS, Sri

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IDS, I think yiu and I posted around the same time on this. Don't know how to merge discussions here.

But anyway, this thing generates a lot of money. If 10 of us can do 5 interviews each with street vendors around us, we will get very useful insights. Shall we try!? comment guidelines

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