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Yeddyurappa will ride high-speed trains in China

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 Your chief minister will soon be zooming away in the high-speed trains of Beijing

He hopes to learn the finer aspects of the Chinese success story on modern urban transport systems. And he expects to replicate those achievements back home.

Good move, he should ride the BRTS in xiamen as well. We can draw many conclusions. Logically he should come back motivated and implement real life projects like commuter rail, BRTS with renewed zeal. Else he will come back and announce the next white elephant for Bangalore a 10km maglev superfast with 25 stops starting and ending inside the ORR area. But I will stay positive for now.


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Terminator and Yeddyator

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 Schwarzenegger checks out China's high-speed rail, looks like this is the ride of the season for Summer WEF participants. Both the terminator & our yeddyator cant afford it. California will build it, Karnataka will drool over it and come back to beg IR/SWR to let them build it. Anyway some excerpts below

China has invested huge prestige, and tens of billions of dollars, in its high-speed rail industry

China already has the world’s longest high-speed rail network

Having already built up a huge capacity for manufacturing trains and the systems to serve them, China is looking for a chance to prove it has the wherewithall to export the most advanced technology

Especially shameful that some arcane law in Indian Railways act stating railways have monopoly on train travel is preventing us from achieving more. Even more shameful that it takes 27 years to operationalize commuter rail on 200+ kms of tracks around Bangalore, thats an entire generation comment guidelines

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