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Praja Commuter Rail ride in the press

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That’s what a group of Bangaloreans, most of them IT professionals, discovered as part of an initiative by, an internet community that addresses issues affecting the city. 

Five of its members – Muralidhar Rao, Pranav, Manjari, Naveen and Satya – travelled on local trains within the city to experience firsthand the feasibility of the Commuter Rail System (CRS)

Read more at Praja Suburban train ride report covered here by Bangalore Mirror.


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Working overtime to scuttle

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 About 42 trains (17 Express trains and 25 passenger trains) are being introduced between Yeshwanthpur and Devanahalli.

This is the bad part, they are working overtime to clog the routes so it becomes impossible to run frequent CRS service. There has to be a quota of 20 CRS trains a day on each segment built into the planning from now. Else tomorrow railways will throw their hands up and say oh shoot we just maxed out on capacity

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Anyhow the report was

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Anyhow the report was interesting-If BMTC can provide connectivity frm various stations to the IT sectors then people would prefer more to travel by train. This will definmitely lead to more revenue for railways and lesser traffic on roads. The mention of using G-3 to Karmelram and taking the local from there to places like Hosur/Attibelle etc was quite an encouraging response to use the train. Bangaloreans havent got an oportunity for using the local train-once they get they can use it optimally.


If we can get the timetabel of the passenger trains leaving bangalore/yeshvantapur probably we can put it up and help in effective utilization of trains comment guidelines

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