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Signal Cycle times in Bangalore

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Cycle time data for various traffic signals in Bangalore by police station jurisdiction


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1) Higher cycle times indicate higher density

2) Larger range within a single jurisdiction may indicate sub optimal utilization of road space.

You could use this data to narrow down on a particular junction in the attached spreadsheet.



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Longer traffic cycle . more vehicles pile up so is Frustation...

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 What I have observed is whenever there was a manual traffic light operated by cop or cop himself standing and leaving the traffic based on volume, junctions war far better than the new traffic lights.

They are timed for huge cycles of 180 seconds. Vehicles pile up, people will not get a chance to cross the signal in first shot due to long queue, buses, trucks and other cargo vehicles will be slow blocking the fast moving traffic adding on to the frustation. 

Result... Motogp or Formula1 on signal turning green.

Also vehicle travel time become longer since each vehicle has to wait long in signals and cannot get it in first shot. If you are  travelling towards whitefield or EC, more than half hour you will be waiting in signals. comment guidelines

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