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Helpless Desk - hospitals

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Refer Indian Express story - Helpless Desk

Here is a classic case of good intentions wrongly implemented.

The intention

 ....The 24-hour citizen help desks, open seven days a week, were launched ..., ostensibly for a more patient-friendly approach.

The right approach

...The help desks ... were established under a public-private partnership

The mistakes

...were launched at KC General Hospital and Jayanagar General Hospital

The result

...The medico-legal cases are rejected on the pretext of non-availability of facilities and they are referred to either Victoria or Bowring and Lady Curzon hospitals

...The complaint registers with the citizen help desk are filled with several grievances pertaining to corruption.

...The four operators working in the help desk at KC General hospital have not been paid.

...Even payments for the computers used in the help desks have not been made

How would you structure such a  helpdesk?


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One solution

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Why should the helpdesks be colocated and distributed at the hospitals? Why should each hospital pay seperately for the helpdesk staff & infrastructure? 

I would have set this up as a general cross hospital centralized helpdesk at a neutral location with telephonic access (free telephone in the lobby with direct line to the helpdesk). The total helpdesk cost can be shared by the hospitals and paid from the pool. comment guidelines

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