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Should drains be closed?

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 Should drains be closed?

My view

Open drain advantages -

1. It can be monitored frequently for dirtiness and cleaned up, will help detect unauthorized sewage connections into the drains

2. Can be a good water way for the city, assuming it doesnt go completely dry, collect sewage and is connecting lake waters.


1. Constant firefight with overflow and consequent loss of life.

Solution: Maybe it can be closed in sections where heavily poulated so it forms an underground water way in most places and in areas that are more open it opens up to a nice waterway. Should there be occupation over the drains? will it be safe? Or should it be covered with a big bulge like it were a big pipe so people dont build things over it. 

I also dont know if the loss of life is because of overflow of the storm water drain or the water being led improperly into the storm water drain. Meaning there is no proper conduit of water thru seives on the streets and instead is just washing into the drain directly over the ledges carrying people into it. It could be a case of just properly constructing the storm water drain. Also fencing appropriately with chain link fencing.

Your thoughts?



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Drains can be looked at differently

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IN reply to Idont spams, Drains if designed can be interesting spaces within the city can even become spots of biodiversity. Check out the examples here


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Fuzhou drain makeover

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 The Fuzhou story in the link is very interesting. The form of drain is very similar to what we have in Bangalore. I think instead of making a blanket decision to close or not close they should open it up for experts to produce some designs for the drains based on the surroundings. 

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Drainage Vs Infiltration

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I am a great proponent of closed drains as the open drain system which was in vogue 2000 years ago in Roman cities has far outlived its usefulness in this 21st Century.

I would like to send an article to all of you who are interested, which graphically explains the compelling reasons why closed drains are preferred. Either I need individual email IDs or someone must tell me how to upload it on Praja site.



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Good idea if implemented

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 Boundaries Will Be Marked, Illegal Constructions Demolished And Drains Fenced

<excerpt>Drains near residential colonies and tertiary drains will be covered. Big storm water drains are not covered because silt cannot be removed and cleaning work becomes difficult. Heavy machinery cannot be used in covered storm water drains...  I have seen open drains in Singapore which are not covered. They are kept so clean that you cannot make out they are open drains. We too have to clean our drains, desilt them and most importantly, ensure that drains have grills and walls around them. </excerpt>

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to add to idontspam, ensure

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to add to idontspam, ensure that the drains only carry storm water and not sewage and other sorts of waste...

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Open drains victim

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Please find this hearbreaking victim for open drains. In India enforcement is the major problem. Open drains are kept without sidewalls claiming lives:

It is very heartbraking for 1 1/2 year child getting carried away by drain water.

Problem is with parents too, many do not keep an eye on their children which will result in these.


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Just a Thought!

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Hi Everyone,

Can you imagine how many Vijay like children could have become victims in Venice which is criss-crossed with open water ways?

Are building boundary walls the solution? How high must the walls be built? What if a 7 year old playing cricket with his friends hits the ball in the drain having (say) 3 feet of boundary wall and then they decide to 'jump' the wall to retrieve their ball? Can you imagine the risk involved?

Why are we so gung ho on open drains in the first place? Is it because men in India find it an ideal alternative to public toilet?

What about bad civic sense we innately have of throwing garbage, plastic bags etc in flowing open drains in the hope that it "goes away" from near your home and becomes someone else's problem?

What about photosynthesis and algae formation when drain water is exposed to sunlight?

What about open drains becoming breeding grounds for musquitos and vermin with consequent chickengunya like situations?

One argumernt in favour of open drains appears to be ability to clear silt. But why let silt formation occur in the first place? If storm water is infiltrated where it falls, will there be any silt formation to be de-silted? And as long as you have open drains lined with impermeable concrete or rough granite slabs, storm water will never get infiltrated. It will only carry more muck which will get accumulated either at the end of the road where the slope ends or where people throw garbage to 'inadvertently' block the passage of water.

Happy dreaming about open drains and clean blue rainwater criss crossing Bangalore making it look like a mini-Venice!

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